Grandma saved by 'candy girl' gives interview

Article: 'Chungju bus assault video' Grandmother shares feelings, "I cried all night"

Kukmin Ilbo via Nate

"I kept it inside and just cried all night. When I got home, my head was red and hurting. I don't remember what exactly happened. I couldn't think of anything. I collapsed and all I could say was, 'oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

When asked what had happened, the grandmother said, "I saw the woman drop her wallet so I told her to get it and she started swearing at me, asking why it was any of my business and then assaulted me."

According to police, the arrested woman is in her forties and has four cases of assault already. She is mentally disabled to the third degree and mumbled through her police investigations while denying the charges.

Police said, "She is mentally disabled but she doesn't have anyone watching over her so we are worried about something like this happening again if she's left alone."


1. [+945, -13] ㅜㅜ Makes my blood boil to think of this happening to my own grandma.. ㅡㅡ I'm sure that grandma was so hurt ㅜㅜ

2. [+726, -11] She suffered all because of some weird person. I hope that she is able to escape this nightmare soon.

3. [+571, -11] She'll probably get away with it

4. [+58, -1] I doubt that she's mentally disabled at all. She swore and assaulted the grandma and the younger woman but when the stronger ajusshis approached her, she sat down and switched to formal speech. She knows how to read situations like anyone else.

5. [+48, -3] If she really was mentally disabled, she would've tried to slap the ajusshi too... but instead she got scared and started speaking formally. She clearly has power issues seeing as how she singled out the grandma, someone weaker than her, to attack.

6. [+37, -1] Sad to think that the grandma had no power but to take it... That woman must not be forgiven.

7. [+32, -0] I would've cried so hard if this happened to me... She may be mentally disabled but evil is still evil and she should not be let off.

8. [+27, -1] Please don't let her go just because she's mentally disabled. What do the victims do to deserve this then? Who is going to compensate for their troubles? The law is such a mess