Hani talks about her 145 IQ... again

Article: 'Star King' EXID Hani, "My IQ was 145 when I was younger" prodigy-dol

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+5,579, -479] Other than the IQ tests you take in college, any other test usually gives you a higher number than usual

2. [+4,226, -554] Is there any way to confirm this???

3. [+3,844, -677] Umm.. okay

4. [+3,866, -725] Does anyone actually believe this, please guys;;;

5. [+1,127, -115] So many articles about this all the time, I'm getting bored.

6. [+1,119, -134] Then show us the proof. Are you even a Mensa member? Why does she keep media playing about this. What college did she even get into?

7. [+1,058, -117] A singer should be first and foremost a good singer.. what does her IQ have any meaning to her career?

8. [+978, -76] I'm honestly a genuine Hani unni fan but I wish she'd stop talking about this. Everyone's reactions are basically, 'This again? We know you're smart, knock it off'...

9. [+684, -61] She should cut down her TV appearances, she's starting to get hate the more often she's seen

10. [+613, -42] Didn't she say she was going to be careful with her words, here she goes again talking about her studies... She seems to love to brag about herself and doesn't have any control over expressing herself.

11. [+489, -27] Bets her mom's life on radio, brags about her Toeic score, brags about being smart, brags about getting hit on by celebrities, brags about her parents being graduates of prestigious colleges, brags about her IQ... it's getting easier to dislike her, what's wrong with her?

12. [+488, -33] What does her high IQ matter when in reality she's doing the crab leg dance in her panties

13. [+420, -23] She's fluent in English and Chinese because she obviously studied abroad but if she's such a genius like she claims, how come she didn't get into any colleges? Sure she was preparing to become a singer but at least she should've been accepted somewhere if she's such a genius ㅋㅋㅋ and don't talk about your IQ without being a Mensa member ㅋㅋㅋ

14. [+403, -25] I don't know why she thinks bragging about her IQ is anything special when what she's doing with her life takes about as much work as a double digit IQ by being a celebrity who relies on showing skin.

15. [+395, -34] I used to love her charming personality but I'm getting tired of it now... talks about the same thing on every TV show.