[Pann] What's going on with the SM C&C and Woollim merge?

 Pann: We request the truth from SM

tl;dr: The post was written by a Shawol to summarize the concerns of the Shawol fandom and the Inspirit fandom regarding SM and Woollim's merger. Basically, both sides are highly suspicious of the merger actually being a real thing and agree upon the fact that SM is purposely holding Woollim and INFINITE back as an exertion of power/domination of the industry (exemplified by Woohyun crying about having to go back to their roots at their concert, L's scandal randomly exploding around the time of significant INFINITE releases, the lesser screentime they received at this year's year-ends, rumors of SM purposely pulling seats from INFINITE's concerts and blocking TV appearances like cutting Running Man screentime...)


1. Her first point summarizes various phone calls that Inspirits, Shawols, and even Elfs made to Woollim regarding the Key and Woohyun unit debut. In every instance, the Woollim employee denied releasing any such article and that their manager was only in a meeting about it but nothing was ever confirmed, meaning that SM released the articles regarding the unit as a one sided decision without Woollim's consent.

2. SM, JYP, and YG created KT Music to go agains the success of Loen's music distribution power. Woollim being merged under SM would mean that their music should be distributed under KT Music but KT Music does not distribute Woollim's music at all, including Tasty's album, despite articles about their merger specifically stating that SM and C&C will be handling the distributions.

3. Her friend was INFINITE's OGS World Tour on 8/9, the day articles of the merger came out. She immediately asked a Woollim staff nearby what was going on.

Friend: What is going?
Staff: I'm not sure...
Friend: Aren't you a Woollim staff?
Staff: I am but... I'm hearing about this (merger) for the first time through the news as well so I'm not sure what's going on...

Apparently, that was the day of the meeting of th eboard of directors to determine the worth of Woollim and whether the merger will go through or not but SM put out the articles immediately without the meeting reaching a final conclusion.

4. Woollim Entertainment still uses the title 'Woollim Entertainment' after the merger when they should be using the title 'Woollim Label'. Articles of the merger stated that they are now a label but searching 'Woollim Entertainment' will bring up the most current/recent articles while searching 'Woollim Label' only brings up articles on the merger. This means they're still operating as an entertainment company and that "something is very wrong."

5. A picture randomly came up on the internet claiming to be Woohyun entering the SM building and causing a buzz about the unit but it was later proven by fans to be Jonghyun and the van he was coming out of wasn't INFINITE's as well. (Fans think SM spread this picture to create talk/gossip about the new unit)


1. [+291, -5] Think back to 8/9. The first day of their world tour and articles of the merger are randomly released, news that even their own manager had no idea about... And INFINITE... the way they cried on stage, Sunggyu saying that they worked so hard to climb to where they are now, Dongwoo saying that they promise to become chiseled sculptures the more they are cracked down, Woohyun crying and shivering to the point where the water bottle he was holding shook in his hands as he said that they did no wrong, Sungyeol saying that they believe in the decision of their CEO and begging the fans to believe them and follow them through, L saying that they had nothing before but they have Inspirits now and that they could now return back to when they had nothing, and Sungjong saying if it weren't for Inspirits, they wouldn't be where they are now... SM is considered the top of the industry... why would the members, (when they're being merged with such a big company), have to ask us to believe in them, to not leave them, promise us that they'll work hard... What exactly were they so afraid of?

Since the merger, 'Woollim Label' was only used once and on that day. It has been 'Woollim Entertainment' ever since. Tasty is still distributed under Loen, Woollim Entertainment is still directing Nell's concert, and INFINITE's World Tour was uploaded on to Interpark under Woollim Entertainment until it was changed to SM C&C.

And yesterday, Hoya said that Lee Joong Yub CEO was sick but the very next day, articles of their unit were released. A unit without a unit name or a debut track, a unit that even the company's staff had no idea about? Why are they media playing so early? What's the rush?

......Last year, Lee Joong Yub CEO said that he had rejected all of the love calls from major agencies. What made him change his mind after eight months...? And Woollim Entertainment should have ceased to exist after the merger but it still clearly exists. Nothing makes sense.

So did SM and Woollim really merge?

2. [+281, -11] Am I the only one thinking that SM is pressuring Woollim behind doors?

3. [+245, -3] Not even a fan and I can see that there's some unfair business going on...

4. [+85, -3] I feel like SM is purposely putting INFINITE down... in case they get in the way of EXO's growth.

5. [+70, -3] Everyone already knows that SM has unlimited wealth to spend on hiring people to watch over internet comments and SNS accounts, as well as manipulate search rankings on Naver. SM is a dirty and scary company.

6. [+45, -0] The important part is that if SM is allowed to do whatever they want like this, another company will be put to sacrifice again. SM will not be satisfied with just Woollim and INFINITE.

7. [+44, -0] I say Naver is connected to SM as well. Since the merger, not one article about INFINITE has been released.

8. [+32, -0] As a fan, why was I such a fool as to not question why they were crying so sadly on the first day of their world concert, why did I never question Sungyeol saying he believes the decision of his CEO, Myungsoo saying it wouldn't be weird for them to go back to where they were, why his dating rumors lined up so perfectly with the merger, why they lost so much screentime at the year-end events compared to last year, why they only had 10 minutes of screentime on Running Man despite two weeks of filming, why SM would even want to merge with Woollim... now I realize what a big issue this all is and that it's time we all get together.

9. [+31, -0] I'm a Shawol and I'm telling you now that SM will never be satisfied with just INFINITE and Woollim. Every fan of a group under a company that isn't the big 3 needs to wake up and keep their eyes peeled. SHINee may be under SM but what they're doing isn't right and there are several suspicions surrounding what they're doing with Woollim right now that needs to be solved.

10. [+30, -0] I remember that L confirmed he was dating her only after the merger was released... as well as on the day of his photobook release and Tasty's new song. Why is this all lining up now...

11. [+30, -0] News released by Woollim is always tweeted by @woollim_news but news about Woohyun and Key were not posted on it. It seems true that Woollim had no idea about it.

12. [+30, -0] This post sums it up on the spot and I'm scared this will be deleted as well... Inspirits have posted this several times on Pann and other community boards but they've always been silently deleted.

13. [+28, -0] The board of directors meeting was on 8/9 but the merger didn't happen until 10/15. The problem is that articles were released on 8/9 as if the merger had already happened. Same goes with Key and Woohyun's unit. Articles already state in detail the specific time for such and such releases but the problem is that Woollim has no idea and that they were only in a meeting about it. There's just too many weird, unexplained things going on right now.