Crayon Pop accused of pushing SNSD's Sunny?

Article: "Crayon Pop pushing SNSD's back?" Ending video of Seoul Music Awards under controversy

Source: TV Daily via Nate [Pann gifs here]

1. [+767, -110] In the video, you can can see that she pushed Sunny and then posed

2. [+746, -118] To all the people claiming that she didn't push her, go watch the video. It's goose bump inducingly accurate.

3. [+167, -29] Please attach videos to these articles so that the idiots claiming otherwise can shut up

4. [+62, -11] If you see the gif, she 100% pushed her... and Yoona looked behind them because she was shoved too. You can see the video on Pann.

5. [+54, -4] Yoona looked behind them when she saw Sunny and Tiffany suddenly pushed forward.

6. [+50, -6] She 100% pushed them. I remember Ellin? saying she proudly got into a fight on Quiz That Changed the World, well you can see what type of girl she is