[Instiz] SM's production department head reveals some plans for the new year

Instiz: SM's production department head reveals a portion of this year's plans

- "As the department head, what are some of the points we should be focusing on for the SM artists of 2014?"

TVXQ's album will be released within a month, which I personally think is 'daebak'. SNSD will also be releasing a new album as well as EXO's comeback. There are about two projects that will surprise everybody that you will be able to see in about half a year. As for Super Junior, they're going to come back with an absolutely new image and have been preparing for it since the beginning of the year. f(x)'s new track is also being worked on with much effort by the composers in our 'Teddy Riley Writing Camp', a program run by SM.


"Let EXO rest!!! They don't have the energy for this!! You're running them on six schedules a day!"

"Seems they're pushing for another EXO comeback to really cement their position. I guess all of SM is coming out this year.. I just hope it won't be a family battle, but the year-end is already looking to be interesting."

"No mention of SHINee...."

"Henry solo? He's 26 this year, stop wasting his talents and support him properly ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"