Agencies force plastic surgery contracts for debuts

Article: "You have to get plastic surgery in order to debut"... celebrity trainees, the truth behind 'plastic surgery contracts'

Source: E-News via Nate

Report on how contracts will include a plastic surgery clause. Often times, they are shady clauses that only say that the celebrity must undergo celebrity but not where and how they will be compensated if it goes wrong.

Other managers who are against the contracts said, "I can't believe companies still have such contracts in this age. Stars these days will actually be a nuisance to the company by secretly getting work done without telling them."

Journalists met with trainees coming out of auditions and asked what they would do if they had to get plastic surgery in order to debut. They all said 'okay', as long as it wasn't anything severely dangerous. "It's a good thing to become prettier."

A theater major at a college in Seoul said, "I've heard that companies will demand plastic surgery. If you accept that, then you stay. If not, you leave. It's a well accepted fact of the industry."


1. [+461, -14] Just don't media play about them being goddesses after all that plastic surgery. It's a joke how they all claim to be goddesses and ulzzangs when they look like they have two caterpillars stuck underneath their eyes and highlights on their noses.

2. [+423, -14] The plastic surgery obsession grows with each passing day... Everyone's losing their individual appeal... Face and breast surgeries are so common... I'm so embarrassed of the Korean entertainment industry

3. [+391, -5] No wonder all of the new debuts have the same faces......

4. [+29, -5] SM, are you tickled by this~ We all know Kyuhyun hyung's contract included double eyelid surgery

5. [+22, -1] Singers these days are in panties.. I think leg surgery is popular with boob jobs a given since you get more popular if you show more cleavage... The girls on music programs all look like pub girls..ㅜㅜHow'd it get to this point

6. [+18, -1] I think 98% of girl groups have had work done from double eyelid surgeries to fixing nose bridge curves... No one cares about being unique anymore as long as you're pretty. No one deserves to say anything about 2NE1's faces.

6. [+12, -4] People are so quick to call anyone a plastic surgery monster and then turn around and hate on CL or Minzy all the same... tsk tsk tsk, there's no winning here.