KARA's contract with DSP due to expire, will they become free agents?

Article: [Exclusive] KARA's contract is up to expire, secret meeting held in Seoul. Will they declare themselves as Free Agents?

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+991, -58] An odd group where they seem to have presence but really don't

2. [+880, -98] Individually, they're not much, but god and KARA are two groups who are amazing when together

3. [+733, -16] DSP will totally become a third rate company if KARA leaves them

4. [+686, -35] The girls need to stay together... None of them sing well so they can't debut as solos and they'll reach a limit with what they can do alone.. and acting is out of the question. Their acting in their Japanese stuff was embarrassing. They're only receiving the treatment they are now because they're together~ Whether or not they move companies, they have to stick together.

5. [+592, -45] I don't know how popular they are in Japan or whatever but if they do end up switching companies, I hope they choose one with enough power to help them with their domestic promotions. They haven't been promoting in Korea as much since their Mister promotions and KARA's become almost nobody level with the rise of new girl groups...

6. [+517, -13] KARA will really die out if they split up because they're not set up like 4minute or miss A where one member can stand alone separately.

7. [+470, -21] I'm 100% sure they'll be screwed if they split up. They have no talent individually.. no one to release a solo with, no one talented enough to go into acting... Utter failure once they split!

8. [+460, -145] Seungyeon was the one who made KARA what they are today... if not for her, they would've been forgotten as nobodies...

9. [+310, -14] If KARA leaves, it's because DSP is no longer run by Lee Ho Yeon but by his wife. When Lee Ho Yeon was running things, DSP was the top three companies with FinKL and Sechs Kies but ever since his wife took over, KARA has been worked to death.

10. [+261, -9] As someone who's been a fan of KARA since their beginning... they really need to stick together no matter what. None of them have a strong enough foundation to stand alone yet. They've worked hard in Japan but it's not enough. They need to stay together as a team.


Source: Nate

1. [+241, -18] It doesn't matter whether they renew their contract with DSP or not but the minute the five of them split up, that's the end of their Japanese popularity.

2. [+221, -56] In Korea, idols have a five year lifespan. I'm pretty sure KARA will renew their contracts since they still bring in a hefty income from overseas promotions... But you might as well see them as done for in Korea. KARA is probably not even on SISTAR's level anymore.

3. [+139, -14] As long as they don't go out and set up their own company or one of their parents sets up their own company ㅋㅋㅋ Those will all fail