Lee Seung Chul weighs in on girl group outfits + could Girl's Day be a sacrifice to this competition of exposure?

Article: Lee Seung Chul leaves a statement towards female singers and sexually suggestive controversy "Panties in a teaser and illusioned outfits, this is a bit..."

Sports Chosun via Nate

"Bare legs... panties in a teaser.. and illusioned outfits? ㅠㅠ It's not right to promote in such a manner..."

1. [+701, -31] What he's saying is right. When you first see them, you don't think they're pretty or anything, you furrow your eyebrows... They should at least rate the music videos for adults only.. So many kids are able to access them right now.

2. [+596, -27] They're not singers, they're show girls. Not only do they open up their skirts, they ask men to stare at their legs, and what was up with those panties....... They're advertising that they want sex... No wonder kids these days aren't normal.

3. [+175, -12] He's right, he's right. They are crossing the line these days. It's not sexy, it's erotic and embarrassing.


Article: Girl's Day are the sacrifice to the competition of girl group exposure

Source: Mediaus via Nate

Editorial that talks about how Girl's Day's over the top sexy concept actually makes them a sacrifice in this girl group competition. At their showcase, they greeted their fans by jumping into the pool fully clothed, and the journalist talks about how they probably didn't want to do it because it's dehumanizing and embarrassing but they obviously have to pull gimmicks like this to gain attention.

1. [+266, -27] I agree with the journalist. I feel bad for the girl groups who continue to promote without ever winning #1 or ever landing a hit track. Groups like Girl's Day, Rainbow, Dal Shabet, A Pink, and Nine Muses are all resorting to gimmicks like sexier stage outfits and erotic lyrics to get their names known.

They're asking for people to stare at their legs, asking men to come in to their homes for tea and stay all night with them, taking off their skirts, wearing clothes you aren't sure if it's panties or pants...

As a man with a four year old daughter, I would never let her dance or wear what they do even if she was offered several hundreds of thousands of dollars. I'd rather educate her, help her find a good career, and get married to a good man. Those girl group parents obviously have a different mindset than me and I think they're quite ridiculous, especially after seeing a certain father media play about wanting his daughter back in a group she was kicked out of.

2. [+204, -35] Sacrifices? As if. Girl's Day were the start of this whole trend. Do you not remember that they wore diapers before too?

3. [+147, -26] The uncomfortable reality of having to strip in order to survive...

4. [+28, -8] I like this article. Girl's Day's agency always seems to go for the noise marketing tactic to promote them, especially if you remember the diaper outfits they were put in in the beginning. I feel really bad for the group every time I see them. I hope they succeed.

5. [+17, -5] We're never going to see another group like SNSD or the Wonder Girls out of the current idols...