Sasaeng fan guests on CulTwo's Veranda Show

Article: 'Cultwo's Veranda Show' spotlights sasaeng fans, sasaeng fan makes first ever appearance "Even pregnant women camp out overnight"

Source: TV Report via Nate

The March 29th episode of CulTwo's Veranda Show featured a segment on sasaeng fans along with a special sasaeng fan guest at the studio.

- Sasaeng fan 'L' who's been a sasaeng fan from her 2nd year of junior high to 3rd year of high school: "(I became a sasaeng fan) because you can talk to the celebrities. When you wait at the dorms or other places they frequent, they start to recognize you and you can talk to them. I went because you could get closer. When they recognize you, you're overcome with a feeling of pride, possession, and other imaginative thoughts."

- To get into the dorms, sasaeng fans will use one fan to distract the security guards (pick a fight, etc) so that the group can get past the gates and to the dorm. They'll hide in the storage room or the attic.

- Sasaeng fan 'K' who has 6 years of sasaeng experience: "You wait 30 minutes to see them for three seconds. It's worth it because you're so happy for those three seconds. I'll lay down newspaper in front of the dorm and sleep. There's nothing to do but wait. If you leave to eat, you might miss them so I usually carry around triangle kimbap. I started this at first because I liked the members but it became an addiction later."

- "Sasaeng taxis are really good at following celebrity vans. There is even a lot of competition among the sasaeng taxis. I remember riding one and thinking that I could die."

- On the issue of personal information being hacked: "Smaller sites are easy to find the password to. It takes about two to three days at most."

- The sasaeng fan who guested on the show started in her first year of junior high. "I began as a TVXQ sasaeng and then moved on to another group. There is a wide range of sasaeng fan ages from elementary school students to 40 year olds. There are even some pregnant women who come and camp out overnight, as well as a lot of Japanese and Chinese fans."

- Asked to choose the worst type of sasaeng fan: "Sasaeng fans who touch or hit the star. One time, a member was walking out when a sasaeng fan grabbed him by the back of his hair and caused him to fall over. He ended up injuring his tailbone. She only did it because she wanted to be remembered by him, even if it's for something bad."

- The ultimate goal of sasaeng fans: "To become their friend."

1. [+127, -7] Don't call sasaengs 'fans'... They're stalkers, not fans ㅡㅡ

2. [+101, -5] Crazy b*tches

3. [+87, -4] Sasaeng has to be a psychological disease

4. [+23, -3] The thing that surprised me the most about this broadcast was that I always assumed sasaengs would be in their teens but they were all over 20 years old~ I thought it was just a phase teens went through and gave up once they entered the real world but I guess once you've been a sasaeng for 10 years, your sense of reality becomes warped.

5. [+19, -5] Not sasaeng fans but sasaeng criminals