North Korea says to enter state of war against South Korea

Article: North "North and South Korea, in a state of war"

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+3,404, -145] Hey, this hyung is a senior in high school right now so can you shut up so I can study? I can't concentrate because of you

2. [+2,486, -60] Look at this pig throwing a fit because no one's feeding him

3. [+2,408, -51] Kim Jong Un, how about you worry about losing weight. We gotta slit your throat if we go into war but we can't even locate your throat under all that fat, you idiot

4. [+1,537, -43] Pisses me off that he's the same Korean as us

5. [+1,408, -57] In the event of a war, I'd definitely fight and make sure we win so that I can pass down a stronger, unified country to my children

6. [+1,230, -31] Kim Jong Un: Father... You said if I act like this, they'll give us rice... Why are they sending combat planes in the sky instead?...

7. [+965, -32] In the event of a war, I wonder who China and Russia will side with

8. [+445, -22] Sorry North Korea, but I think South Koreans are more concerned with whether Naul cheated on Han Hye Jin or not

9. [+358, -4] Doesn't he know we've always been in a state of war?

10. [+289, -4] China better stay quiet or they're going to end up causing a world war


North "North and South Korea, in a state of war"

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

1. [+396, -43]


2. [+336, -47] Loser ㅋㅋㅋ And yet he still doesn't close down the Gaeseong Industrial Complex ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+164, -12] We shouldn't be taking what he's saying lightly. He might just go ahead and do it.

4. [+87, -5] This is not the time to be so lax. Remember how 6.25 started. If this was really no big deal, the world wouldn't be reporting on it so heavily like they are now. If a war breaks out, then we can't help that and obviously North Korea will be one that's shattered but South Korea will take a huge hit no matter what. We shouldn't just be sitting here thinking it won't be a big deal. I'm not saying be scared, just don't think lightly of it.

5. [+64, -3] Isn't this a really serious situation?;;;;;;;;;;

6. [+48, -3] For a ba$tard who even studied overseas under his father's power, all he knows how to do is make threats like this?

7. [+40, -4] Idiot, we've always been at war

8. [+27, -3] Never forget how 6.25 happened. We always have to be prepared, alert, and tense. Never think that a war can never happen. The students seem to be taking this really lightly but... your hyungs will be protecting the country so you guys should stop leaving lax comments around.

9. [+25, -5] Kim Jong Un (1983-2013)


Article: Part 2

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

1. [+535, -16] The three little pigs will soon be meeting all together

2. [+444, -24] Jong Un, which country have you ever seen announce to the world that they're going to attack soon before starting a war... Seems like he's really hungry

3. [+406, -7] North Korea announces "Please kill us"

4. [+378, -8] Jong Un's barking again

5. [+348, -5] Jong Un would've been an amazing gagman if he was born in South Korea

6. [+315, -4] Awww, look at that chubby little baby piggy go oink oink oink because he's hungry