Jaewon kicked out of Code-V for racist comments against Japanese fans

Article: Code-V Jaewon withdraws from the group due to ex-girlfriend revealing his private life 'shock'

Source: E-News via Nate

On March 29th, Dream Music (Code-V's Japanese management) announced that member Jaewon would be leaving the group and have his contract terminated.

The reason was because his ex-girlfriend revealed bad details about his private life as well as KakaoTalk texts where he said racist comments about his Japanese fans, which were released through her blog and SNS. [omona post on girlfriend's blog here]

Once the issue created a big enough controversy online (TN: I never saw this on Pann or Telzone, etc), Jaewon decided to take full responsibility for the controversy by apologizing and agreeing to leave the group.

1. [+149, -3] Who are you

2. [+79, -1] I didn't even know such a group existed

3. [+79, -2] Media playing with himself as the sacrifice

4. [+26, -0] They say that it spread online but how come I can't find anything about it when I search for it ㅋㅋㅋ What the heck was it, now I'm curious. Where exactly on the vast world of the internet is it?

5. [+22, -1] This article marks his debut as well as exile... Well, at least he managed to get his group's name out there ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+22, -5] He said that he hates Japan, is scared of his Japanese fans, that they're ugly and look like otakus, and that he hopes Japan gets another earthquake. Well, he wasn't wrong with what he said in my opinion.

7. [+13, -1] If we at least knew who he is, we'd care about whatever private life he had but he's practically a non-celebrity...

8. [+7, -0] How could such a disrespectful kid like him become a celebrity... Even nobodies like him have such dirty minds, imagine how much trashier the actual entertainment industry is.

9. [+6, -0] I thought they were one of the rookie groups that debuted this year but they debuted in 2010... Nobody has heard of them for three years.