'Laws of the Jungle' admits to exaggeration of content and releases full apology to viewers

Article: 'Laws of the Jungle' official apology "We admit to the exaggerated content, it was the greed of the producers"

Newsen via Nate

1. [+526, -110] To say it took them 7 hours to go up a mountain that in actuality takes just 30 minutes, that is not a mere exaggeration of content but outright fraud. The viewer has no option but to believe what is presented before them. They asked to halt the outright hate on the show but their excuses are no better.

2. [+480, -86] It would've been better if they were honest and admitted to all of this from the start. Too much has already been exposed for them to admit only so little.

3. [+112, -55] They basically beat around the bush in the apology, refusing to mention any of the scenes that the netizens found to be fabricated. It's too late now. To the viewers, Kim Byung Man and 'Laws of the Jungle' are over.


Article: 'Laws of the Jungle' producers "We admit to the exaggeration of content... We apologize"

Oh My News via Naver

1. [+138, -14] I get that it's a TV show and that it's a variety but if things were exaggerated to this extent, it's not a mere chance of direction but outright manipulation. The natives they claimed had never come in contact with the outside world all had Facebook accounts... The native marriage ceremonies that the show featured were already married couples that are tour guides....

2. [+116, -10] They played the viewers, making every other scene seem as if their lives were on the line. As if every jungle they came across had no path previously paved.. As if every native had never met a foreigner.. There's a certain extent to every lie and they crossed every line.

3. [+97, -7] They're obviously only putting this out now because the evidence is all over the internet. Just yesterday, they were so adamant about never fooling the viewers and asking everyone to stop the hate. Just a simple Google search revealed all of this, imagine what more lies are under the show that we can't find?