Crying Nut files a lawsuit against CNBLUE for violation of copyright [Updates]

Article: Crying Nut files a violation of copyright lawsuit against CNBLUE

Source: Yonhap News via Naver

Crying Nut filed a lawsuit against CNBLUE/FNC on the 12th because Mnet released a Japanese DVD featuring a CNBLUE remake performance of "Offside", a Crying Nut song, from their 2010 Mnet 'M! Countdown' performance, which they had not received permission for.

FNC responded that they were not informed about the decision to include that performance from the DVD producers because they are not involved with the production of the DVD at all. Regarding the performance of the song itself, they explained that CNBLUE wasn't given a choice by Mnet. They had initially refused to perform on 'M! Countdown' due to a busy World Cup schedule but Mnet said they would provide everything as long as CNBLUE performed on stage. It wasn't until after the performance that CNBLUE realized the instrumental accompaniment was Crying Nut's song.

Mnet responded that they are currently looking into the issue.


1. [+362, -21] Crying Nut is exercising their right to their creation so I don't know why people are saying they're being picky about this

2. [+359, -59] CNBLUE and F.T. Island are not bands... Aren't they just idols? Don't call them bands.. They're just idols with a band concept.

3. [+277, -21] Whatever the case, they're using the song without permission so Crying Nut needs to be compensated for it. The problem is that the lawsuit should be directed at Mnet..

4. [+279, -31] Looks like to these so called band kids, the only seniors they treat like seniors are the ones on TV and not indie seniors. Crying Nut are years ahead of them debut wise, they're grand seniors to them

5. [+257, -22] If it's being sold on a DVD, then I can see why they would resort to filing a lawsuit

6. [+237, -18] I can see why Crying Nut's pissed

7. [+268, -56] Shin Hae Chul once said, "If CNBLUE is a band, then a fly is a bird."

8. [+155, -11] Just give them what they deserve and apologize if you have any shame at all

9. [+161, -24] Why does it sound like the CEO is just making a bunch of excuses for what's inherently their mistake?

10. [+160, -31] I should've known about these kids when they came on 'Radio Star' asking for sympathy because they're the poor victimized juniors by what Shin Hae Chul said. They failed to address their other issues like what actually makes them an indie band and their plagiarized songs. They don't need Shin Hae Chul's acknowledgement to prove their skills... nothing changes the fact that they're not indie.


Article: CNBLUE responds with 'regret' to Crying Nut lawsuit

OSEN via Nate

1. [+212, -19] Even if it's not fair, they violated what they did. The issue now becomes whether Mnet compensates Crying Nut or CNBLUE

2. [+189, -18] Mnet is such a distasteful broadcast company...

3. [+134, -76] I just think the timing of this lawsuit is suspicious. FNC never involved themselves with the DVD release and went against Mnet when they decided to release it, even putting out notices asking people not to buy it. That's why FNC has an ill relationship with Mnet. CNBLUE doesn't perform on M! Countdown, have you noticed? That says it all, doesn't it? The performance itself, Mnet forced CNBLUE to perform the day of the performance just because they were rookies without a say. The DVD release is just a collection of remake stages that they're releasing as a way to make more money. Obviously Crying Nut chose the weaker opponent and decided to file the lawsuit against FNC when given a choice between the two.

4. [+50, -4] (Copy and paste of FNC's notice regarding the 'CNBLUE Special DVD' - a collection of CNBLUE's performances on M! Countdown - release pointing out that its production is by KBS Media CJ&M and that FNC has nothing to do with the DVD's production.)

5. [+48, -3] Seems like Mnet is in the wrong on this one

6. [+48, -9] The only thing that needs to be known is that FNC has absolutely nothing to do with this DVD. The DVD producers did not receive permission from FNC to make this. The DVD is just a collection of CNBLUE's remake stages on Mnet so it was basically released by Mnet for profit.


Article: Mnet reps "It is true that we asked CNBLUE to perform a CNBLUE song"

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+116, -6] Then Mnet can take responsibility for everything

2. [+91, -5] I just hope both bands aren't harmed from this

3. [+85, -3] Aren't the two bands the victims in this case? It's the fault of Mnet and the company. CNBLUE just did what was asked of them while Crying Nut is in a position where they have to file a lawsuit.. Their song was used in a DVD made to seem as if it was CNBLUE's song so they'd be stupid not to carry forward with a lawsuit. None of this would've happened if both companies checked in with each other prior to its release... I feel bad for both Crying Nut and CNBLUE.

4. [+82, -3] So basically Mnet's at fault with CNBLUE and Crying Nut the victims ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+65, -3] Mnet has to take responsibility for it for using the song without permission


Article: Mnet reps respond to CNBLUE-Crying Nut lawsuit "We admit our mistake and will work to mediate"

Sports Hankook

Mnet basically said that they will work as the mediator to ensure that the lawsuit can conclude positively for both sides since they are the ones at fault. "None of us want this to be interpreted in a negative away. Anyway, we will do our best to help so that both sides can solve this without any misunderstandings. We apologize to both fandoms."