[Pann] Representative beauties of each decade

'60s Kim Ji Mi

'70s Jung Yoon Hee


'80s Hwang Shin Hye

'90s Kim Hee Sun


'00s Kim Tae Hee


Source: Nate Pann


"Hwang Shin Hye was the prettiest when she was younger."

"Add Im Ye Jin, Lee Mi Yeon, Lee Young Ae.."

"Plastic surgery wasn't so advanced in the '70s and '80s so they were really beautiful for their time.."

"Even as decades pass, our standards for beauty remain the same."

"I'm a girl and readily admit that there are many beautiful people but none that can win Kim Tae Hee..."

"100% agree with this list."

"I thought that a more Asian look would have been preferred in the past but it's the same Western features... Everyone looks Western lately, it's boring."

"Not much of a different in make up style between the '70s and now.."