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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Why isn't Black Pink's 'Ice Cream' performing as well as their other releases on the charts?

Article: Black Pink captivates on the Billboard but why the lackluster response in Korea?

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+278, -62] They're ranked 20th, how does that make this the worst??? Since when was Melon ranks ever indicative of real life popularity?? Especially with all the sajaegi on the charts, it's basically meaningless ㅋㅋ

2. [+175, -36] The song wasn't an official release anyway, it was basically an event release for the international market. How many singers can even stay on the charts for this long with a majority English song? Why try to bring them down like this?

3. [+117, -36] 'Ice Cream' was never an official release or repackaged at that, it was just a collab. Why call it a domestic failure? The fact that they landed a collab with a foreign singer at all is amazing in its own right and probably a great experience for them. Fans of both fandoms were excited for it so don't ruin the parade for them. People don't care about how it's performing on the charts, they care about the actual collab itself. We'll care about chart performance when they release their next album or single but 'Ice Cream' itself is a surprise song for the fans themselves.

4. [+81, -20] What a ridiculous reason to cut them down for

5. [+40, -8] This article reads like a certain community post written to try and put BP down. BP is doing well on the charts ㅋㅋㅋ 'How You Like That' was #1 for three weeks and 'Ice Cream' isn't doing too bad for an English song.

6. [+44, -13] It's unfair to compare BP to BTS' performance. BTS are 8 years their senior with more experience while BP has half that with 4 years. There's a difference in not only how much they've been promoting but fandom size as well. Their collabs with Gaga and Selena were meant for the American market anyway, not Korea, and they both did well enough. The real show starts in October when they make their comeback. Despite being crippled by all the huge scandals their company is under, BP is doing as well as they are precisely because they're BP.

7. [+39, -8] Worst performance in Korea??? What is the point in picking such a provocative article title?? Then how are you going to explain their last song 'How You Like That' still being ranked at the top? And it's not like popularity is solely determined by music chart rankings, especially in today's generation. Let's see what you journalists are saying on October 2nd when their full album is released.

8. [+24, -1] How are you going to call this BP's worst performance ever when 'How You Like That' broke the domestic charts not too long ago?

9. [+26, -6] I don't think there's any group outside of BTS or BP who can achieve these numbers with an English song. BTS did great this time but it doesn't mean BP did poorly. The only English release that was well received was maybe Baek Yerin? And BP isn't even promoting this song so why talk about how it's performing on the Korean charts? Then what does that make all the singers who are ranked under them? Complete flops?

10. [+24, -7] Black Pink is the #1 most popular girl group in Korea right now. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose are always in the top 1-4 in personal brand surveys so where is your evidence in writing such a false article? They are also way more talented than a certain other group that claims to be Asia's top girl group. Anyway, as it stands, the top most talented girl groups in Korea are Mamamoo, Red Velvet, and Black Pink.



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