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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Japan is experiencing a fourth wave of the 'Hallyu boom'

Article: From dramas to K-Pop... Japan is undergoing a '4th Hallyu boom'

Source: YTN via Naver

1. [+451, -44] NiziU is not K-Pop... they're a group of Japanese kids singing Japanese lyrics... that makes them a Japanese girl group ㅎㅎㅎ

2. [+321, -8] I live in Japan and I don't know about NiziU but 'Itaewon Class' and 'Crash Landing on You' are both popular enough where people talk about it over drinks here

3. [+231, -15] I think we should retire calling things 'Hallyu boom'. Korea has a ton of movies, dramas, and music, and some will be popular overseas and some won't... Not everyone her is a fan of Hollywood movies but it's not like we call something an 'Americanllyu boom' when an American movie does well once in a while here... Something about the word Hallyu feels like a temporary, flash in the pan type of thing that I don't like.

4. [+69, -11] NiziU has nothing to do with Hallyu. They're a Japanese team where the only Korean thing about them is that they were trained under a Korean agency system. If they happen to get famous overseas, they'll be helping Japan's image, not ours.

5. [+66, -17] An all Japanese group;;; this is honestly a leak of our home grown skills. Park Jin Young basically sold our secrets to them for money which will only make competition more difficult in the future

6. [+19, -0] How does an all Japanese group count as K-Pop?

7. [+61, -47] Whatever. I bet it's just the otakus that Hallyu is popular with.

8. [+26, -14] Korea's really selfish, no? The sharing of cultures should happen both ways in terms of respect but Korea rejects Japanese culture while expecting them to be accepting of ours. That's not just, is it?

9. [+13, -1] We hate the Japanese government, that doesn't mean we hate their people. I'll always welcome Japanese who enjoy Korean content.

10. [+3, -1] I hear NiziU's music very rarely?! if that, and dramas are mostly watched by a small minority of fans. The 99% of the people don't know any~thing about this stuff ㅋㅋㅋ I think it's just popular within people who already enjoy movies and stuff. Let's not let this get to our heads too much! Japanese society is different from Korea in that they're not as susceptible to trends and are more free-spirited in the types of culture they enjoy.



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