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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nam Hee Suk calls out Kim Gura on his brash attitude

Article: Nam Hee Suk publicly criticizes Kim Gura, why?

Source: JTBC via Naver

1. [+1,323, -229] I really don't want to see Kim Gura on TV anymore, he makes me change the channel whenever I see his face...

2. [+875, -64] Kim Gura is a celebrity who makes me change the channel~~ I get that these stars have concepts they need to stick to but his attitude is too much as an MC and he's often rude to the stars. Nam Hee Suk did a good thing by calling him out!

3. [+646, -34] Anyone should take a look at Kim Gura's past, he really cleaned up before he got famous. He used to say far worse things than he's known for now.

4. [+540, -27] Seeing someone like Kim Gura get to make money so easily on our TV just makes me question the standards of our nation! He should've been exiled long ago.

5. [+435, -49] I can't stand the way he MCs. I was wondering when someone would speak up about it. I can't watch 'Radio Star' because of him.

6. [+229, -13] Nam Hee Suk said he held it in for two years before speaking up about it. Kim Gura is always trying to act above his guests! I know that people have gotten used to him abusing his power and having guests play to his whims but what's wrong is wrong. Nam Hee Suk was right to call him out.

7. [+194, -6] I also think it's sad how he's so bent on trying to help his son become a celebrity by taking him on shows everywhere.. ㅋ

8. [+165, -8] I've often cringed at how rude Kim Gura was on TV. It may be his "character" but it still makes viewers uncomfortable. Sometimes he'll even act confident about how unprepared he is for a show. He'll sit there with no information on the panelists and act like there's nothing wrong with that. So irresponsible. Even if he's playing a character, he should learn that he needs to fix some things.

9. [+121, -3] Kim Gura got famous by exaggerating rumors, swearing at celebrities, and talking sexual with female celebrities. If he was starting out just now with that character, he'd go straight to #metoo and have his career halted. Why should he be allowed to make more money than others who choose to be kind on TV? I'll never understand how we came to live in a world where a man like him is famous ㅋ who's supporting him?



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