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Thursday, July 23, 2020

A #metoo movement simmers among female North Korean defectors

Article: 'My Cruel ROK' The #metoo movement of North Korean female defectors

Source: News Tapa via Daum

Out of 158 female defectors interviewed, black numbers represent the amount of women who experienced sexual assault in North Korea vs red numbers in South Korea in the order of sexual harassment, attempted rape, and rape.

1. [+1,346, -14] Imagine putting your life on the line to escape only to be approached by men who abuse the fact that you have no foundation in the south and will now ruin your life. I bet those same dirty men hope the best for their children.

2. [+1,151, -27] This is truly an abuse of power. These women were probably scared to turn the men down in case they're put at risk to be repatriated to the north, and coming from such a conservative society already means that they don't have the bravery to report such cases anyway. If 1/3 of female defectors have experienced sexual assault of some kind, shouldn't women's organizations be more active in fighting for them?

3. [+752, -5] Please stop doing such cruel things to people in need of help

4. [+421, -13] Men like them need to be castrated so this never happens again

5. [+171, -4] Well this is embarrassing

6. [+406, -202] South Korean men, I swear

7. [+136, -47] I'm more surprised at the stat that there are 30,000 North Korean defectors already...

8. [+4, -0] What in the world... this is so bad...



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