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Saturday, June 27, 2020

G-Dragon criticized for the neglected state of his dog Gaho

Source: Top Star News via Nate

1. [+1,670, -42] Please just have someone else adopt him if you can't take responsibility for his care

2. [+1,545, -39] You normally don't even have to cut the nails of big dogs so it's surprising to me that he's in this state. Their nails naturally get ground down through regular walks so the state this dog is in makes me think that they have him locked up somewhere and don't even bother to walk him.

3. [+1,388, -33] Nails like that hurt really badly when he walks. Frequent walks will at least help grind the nails down so this is really a sign of neglect. 

4. [+161, -4] Nails that long mean that he was basically neglected without any walks;;;

5. [+156, -7] I have never said a word of hate about GD but this is really wrong...

6. [+147, -2] Looks like they just feed him but don't take him on walks. You can tell a lot from the state of his nails.

7. [+136, -5] We live in such a weird world now. He used to adore this child and now he's living a neglected life... meanwhile he has a new cat that he's raising. Boomers are notorious for never taking their dogs on walks but at least they kept their pets until the end... nowadays, people are more concerned about pure breeds and getting YouTube clicks for rescue videos... sigh...

8. [+133, -2] Wow, they're rich enough to get him groomed at a salon and yet they neglected him to this point

9. [+127, -2] Looks like they don't even let him play in a yard...

10. [+113, -3] They don't even take him on walks... that's why his nails are so long ㅜㅜ was he just for the Instagram attention?

11. [+113, -4] This is shocking... his family is so different from the inside and out, tsk tsk

12. [+111, -4] So he's living in a Hannamdong penthouse after he threw his dog away at a country house?

13. [+111, -2] Don't raise dogs if you're going to raise them like this!

14. [+107, -5] He had no problems taking pictures with Gaho when he was still young and cute but now that he's big and average, he threw him out in the country. I still don't get how anyone still likes this short druggie, tsk tsk. He's old in numbers but has never matured.

15. [+101, -2] That dog is probably so depressed ㅜㅜㅜmy heart breaks



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