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Friday, June 26, 2020

Actor Sung Hoon accidentally falls asleep on his late night live stream

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,534, -42] He was sleeping, what could've happened that would be so bad?

2. [+1,136, -39] His poor manager

3. [+1,042, -30] What could've happened..? Hmm? What exactly could've happened?

4. [+154, -55] He's so weird... liking him less and less

5. [+133, -41] He was on live not too long ago in the early morning playing with his dog.. He didn't seem to think it was inconsiderate to his neighbors to have his dog jumping around at that time. He's a bit thoughtless.

6. [+124, -2] What's the worst that could've happened? Maybe taking his pants off in his sleep because it got too hot? Scratching his crotch?

7. [+108, -7] He could've farted in his sleep, I guess

8. [+102, -19] He wanted to chat with his fans, turned on live, and fell asleep because he was so tired. What's the problem with that?

9. [+90, -5] A lot could've gone wrong... he could've forgotten he left his live on and woke up for a morning smoke, maybe farted, maybe his girlfriend could've come over in the morning... normal things to us can be detrimental to celebrity images. 

10. [+63, -4] Hul, that could've been dangerous for him. He could've exposed something from his private life... like a private conversation, a girlfriend visiting, maybe taking a shower and getting out naked...



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