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Thursday, January 10, 2019

BTS dongsaeng group TXT unveils first member

Article: 'BTS dongsaeng group' finally unveiled... Group 'Tomorrow x Together' reveals member Yeonjoon

Source: Seoul Econ via Naver

1. [+1,008, -42] Normally new rookie debuts are supposed to look a bit tacky and outdated... but why is he already so perfect...?

2. [+577, -5] Feeling a bit uneasy now that they're finally debuting, but fighting!!!

3. [+496, -6] Hoping they do well without growing arrogant~~

4. [+409, -142] I kind of see some Taehyung in him..

5. [+237, -4] Congratulations on your debut ^^

6. [+184, -1] This all kind of feels like you're the only child with all of your parent's attention and all of a sudden you have a dongsaeng... feels weird.

7. [+180, -3] I support the BTS juniors. There are going to be a lot of people hating on you guys while pretending to be Armies but please don't let them hurt you or pay them any mind. Just work hard and let's crush it at the year-end ceremonies with BTS. Whenever the hate comments get too much, go look for Suga hyung.

8. [+168, -1] There's obviously going to be a lot of pressure just for being the direct juniors of BTS but I hope they don't let that get to them and focus on their music. It's going to feel great if TXT wins rookie and BTS wins daesang this year-end!! TXT fighting!!!

9. [+151, -5] A lot of figure skating juniors after Kim Yuna quit because they couldn't overcome the pressure of being compared to her or living up to her. While being the juniors of legends comes with perks like fame and recognition, it also comes with cons like comparisons. Even I am only leaving this comment now because I know this group through BTS. There will be a time where this will be so hard but just like how your own seniors overcame other difficulties, I know that you guys will be able to too. I hope that you stand tall on your own as TXT and not as the second BTS.

10. [+142, -5] Let's sweep it up at the end of the year with TXT rookie and BTS daesang.



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