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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fan Bing Bing reported to be in declining health

Article: Media reports that Fan Bing Bing is suffering extreme weight loss... SOS to Taiwanese doctor

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1,030, -54] The media is going to test the public with news that she's sick so that they can later report that she died from health issues...

2. [+922, -37] She must be being treated after being tortured

3. [+789, -37] Sounds like they're prepping her for death

4. [+95, -2] They're absolutely refusing to reveal any recent pictures of her...

5. [+93, -9] There's over an 80% chance that she's already dead... and they're just prepping for news that she "died while in treatment" now. I bet you that'll happen in a week.

6. [+85, -2] She's only ever making an appearance through "written words"

7. [+72, -1] It's one or the other... prepping the public for news that she died and blaming it on her health... or replacing her with some woman who looks similar to her and saying it's her health that's making her look different.

8. [+69, -3] All she's done so far is "write an apology" on SNS... no one has yet to see her... We're going to be hearing news of her death soon.

9. [+68, -6] Already getting goosebumps at the thought of them plotting to replace her with someone else and saying she just "lost some weight"...

10. [+55, -1] This is going to be a documentary in three years if she returns to the public as a corpse..

11. [+54, -2] Sigh... why can't they just take the taxes she owes? Why take away her wealth and honor? Why kill her? What generation do they think we're living in right now?

12. [+53, -4] Something about only finding out news about her through the media is creepy



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