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Friday, September 14, 2018

Son Naeun attends 'Delpozo' opening event

Article: 'Where'd the youthful freshness go?' Son Naeun looks suddenly matured

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,479, -201] She's honestly changed in a more unnatural way. She looked better before.

2. [+1,301, -207] I liked her better before... I think the surgery went poorly

3. [+1,221, -192] It's true, she lost that youthful freshness to her face. She used to look so girly, now she looks like a Gangnam plastic monster.

4. [+93, -4] Well it's her face, all that matters is that she's satisfied with it..

5. [+79, -19] She's pretty before and after but her body proportions alone are such a wall that she still looks gorgeous

6. [+79, -36] I find her way prettier now. Her face lacked dimension before and looked flat and wide. Now she looks more modern.

7. [+43, -15] She looks pretty, you haters

8. [+39, -28] I thought it looked weird at first too but she looks prettier the more I see her



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