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Monday, August 6, 2018

Ailee and CL show the dark side of beauty standards

Article: Ailee's tears... who judges her body?

Source: Oh My News via Nate

Article talks about the strict beauty standards in Korean society that were once again brought to light by the judgments towards Ailee and CL's weight gains.

1. [+968, -88] The beauty standards for women in Korea are too obsessive. You have to be thin, your face has to be small, your cheekbones and chin shouldn't stick out, your skin has to be white, you have to have good proportions... We're always comparing and judging one another... Whenever I'm walking with my mother and a heavier woman walks by, I feel so embarrassed when she's like "sigh, just look at her"... Why are we obsessed with putting others down?

2. [+718, -61] All a singer should be good at is singing... all an actor should be good at is acting. But for some weird reason, our country is the strictest when it comes to beauty. Ailee was practically forced into dieting... but has anyone ever forced Adele?

3. [+643, -73] The pushing of skinny bodies needs to disappear!

4. [+29, -1] It's like that in the workplace too. You'll meet co-workers and they'll say things like, "whoa~ you lost weight", or "you're looking good these days", or "you should start managing yourself", or "you gained some weight, right?!!"... I sometimes wonder if they have room for any other thought in their heads.

5. [+19, -3] People always excuse the strict beauty standards by saying they're celebrities.. they make a lot of money... managing their weight comes with the territory... But it's absolutely wrong to judge someone as "not taking care of themselves" if they gain weight. People come in all shapes and sizes...

6. [+15, -4] She looks fine the way she is

7. [+13, -5] Let's all be honest with ourselves. If there was a fat, ugly kid on Wanna One, would you have voted for him? Men and women both like people with pretty faces and hot bodies, which is why rookie groups invest more in making an impression with their visuals than their singing. If the beauty standards changed to where 90 kg was considered beautiful, we'd only be seeing 90 kg stars on TV. You can't blame our society when Ailee was thin before her debut in America too. Who forced her to diet then?? She could've just maintained her weight in the 50 kg range but she dropped to the extremes in the 40 kg range, which is what caused the stress.

8. [+10, -1] If Adele was a Korean singer, she would've been treated like a chubby gagwoman. Sometimes you need some stomach fat to belt out those notes. Nowadays, there's too many dancers calling themselves singers.

9. [+9, -20] It's all women saying that stuff. Whenever a celebrity is out somewhere, it's always the women saying, "pfft! she's not that pretty!" or "she got some work done" or "she looks different from her past photos". Have you ever seen a man go "pfft! she's not that pretty"? The best replies on female idol articles are always jealous women.

10. [+8, -3] The entire world is obsessed with beauty, it annoys me when people always act like it's a Korean thing



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