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Monday, April 9, 2018

Twice makes 'What is Love?' comeback

Article: Will Twice hit their 8th home run with Park Jin Young? "#1 = Leon cosplay"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+378, -80] When they first debuted, they had such power and force like an American cheerleading group so I had high hopes for them but they're becoming more and more like a Japanese girl group in concept. Soshi switched over to a girl crush concept around this time too.

2. [+372, -48] Red Velvet has cute outfits that are too short whereas Twice's outfits are too tacky

3. [+253, -51] I was expecting a lot since it's Park Jin Young's song... but I guess we shouldn't expect 'So Hot', 'Nobody', or 'Bad Girl Good Girl' caliber songs from him anymore

4. [+28, -4] I've been a fan since 'Like Ooh-Ahh',... but how many cutie concepts have they done already? They're so far off from their original debut concept... Their song sounds like it was purposely written so they don't have to sing live and their music video is no different from 'Cheer Up' or 'TT', just another cosplay show... I'm not sure what JYP's big picture is with this group anymore. They just seem like they've been milked for all that they're worth and are growing at a sloth's pace.

5. [+23, -9] 'Signal' was too weird and this new song is just another average girl group song. Park Jin Young needs to stay off of Twice.

6. [+20, -4] 'What Is Love' another song similar to Twice's other songs. It's good, for sure, but the problem is that Twice has been doing the same thing for too long. Couldn't they come out with a girl crush feel like 'Like Ooh-Ahh'? I know that the girl group trend lately is cute, bright stuff but they can switch it up once in a while still.

7. [+16, -3] Their style is not fitting at all for a group that's considered Korea's best. What are they wearing? Even a choding could dress them better than this. JYP, please get rid of your coordi!!!

8. [+15, -6] Can people really call 'Likey' a home run?

9. [+13, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I prefer 'Like Ooh-Ahh' too but I guess they're sticking with this style instead since 'TT' did well

10. [+12, -5] They were great up until 'Like Ooh-Ahh' and 'Cheer Up' but every release after has been the average, same old thing. If that's what their charm is supposed to be about, then... I'm personally not interested in their future anymore.


Article: "8th home run on the way" Twice's 'What Is Love?' #1 on the chart

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+154, -15] You never know how an idol song will do until it's actually out on the charts. Momoland got tons of hate for 'Bboom Bboom' being plagiarized but it was a digital hit

2. [+135, -9] So I heard Park Jin Young produced the song... but his style seems to have changed a lot~~~

3. [+126, -82] Jin Young hyung~!! Stop messing with Twice songs!! Just seems like he's trying to use their popularity to sell his music now...

4. [+23, -2] Idols these days seem to be in a world of their own... so different from the generation of WG, Big Bang, 2PM, and Soshi.

5. [+12, -3] Music video, style, song, everything sounds like it was produced in the lowest quality

6. [+10, -1] Boring music video, I barely remember what the song sounded like after I finished listening to it.. at least 'Signal' had an addictive quality to it...

7. [+10, -2] Every single one of Twice's songs were ones that would've flopped if any other girl group sang them. Twice is pretty and cute enough with a lot of fans so any song they sing will hit #1 anyway.

8. [+9, -4] I like their song and MV and dance, all of it



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