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Monday, April 23, 2018

Hyorin releases full music video for 'Dally'

Article: 19+ rating possible because it's Hyorin... powerful and sexy 'Dally'

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+907, -65] Hul... I don't think this is sexy but provocative;

2. [+739, -57] This is really hul... I'm scared kids are going to see this ㅡㅡ^

3. [+640, -54] Was this necessary though... huk

4. [+592, -93] It looks dirty... and cheap

5. [+267, -41] ???

6. [+219, -23] This isn't sexy... as a fellow woman, I don't think she looks cool, she looks embarrassing... am I being too conservative? What's the reason for going this far?

7. [+196, -22] She's already so good at singing, why does she think this is necessary? This isn't America

8. [+193, -19] These sexy concepts are getting out of hand. Will this not get caught with broadcast regulations? Do people not know what limits are anymore?

9. [+175, -21] I thought this would be a cool concept... but it just feels dirty. Super disappointed.

10. [+163, -12] I don't think this is the path she wants to go down. What a shame... This shines no light on her talents.



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