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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hollywood: Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Article: "Purse more expensive than mom's" Beyonce's daughter appears with a $2,000 handbag

Source: Herald POP via Nate

1. [+1,160, -17] At their income, the price of her purse is nothing to be surprised about...

2. [+994, -17] As Beyonce's daughter, you're going to need to be carrying around a purse worth at least $200,000 for people to balk at...

3. [+833, -13] How frugal of Beyonce

4. [+33, -0] That's actually quite frugal for them, probably about on par with the rest of us carrying a $20 purse

5. [+30, -5] $2,000 to Beyonce is like $20 for the rest of us

6. [+29, -1] Look, she's already teaching her daughter how to be frugal... You would think someone like Beyonce's daughter would at least be carrying around a $200,000 purse

7. [+28, -2] Didn't know Beyonce was so frugal~

8. [+17, -2] Knowing Beyonce and Jay-Z's net worth, their daughter is actually so kind and not a diva at all... carrying around a cheap purse like that without complaints

9. [+16, -0] I've seen this bag all over Gangnam... this is nothing for Beyonce

10. [+8, -0] The purse was probably a bargain from their perspective ㅎ

11. [+7, -0] For these people, it doesn't matter how much whatever they're wearing costs. Anything they touch or wear becomes luxury whether it costs $1 or $1 million.



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