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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kim Chungha makes her solo debut on 'Music Core'

Article: Chungha makes cute debut on 'Music Core' with "Why Don't You Know"

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+423, -116] I just checked it out on YouTube and what the... maybe I never noticed because she only ever danced on 'Produce 101' but she's a really bad singer now that I'm listening to her debut stage

2. [+387, -102] Her song falls a bit short on expectations...

3. [+321, -120] Why is there so much media play about her lately...

4. [+59, -21] I wouldn't say her singing is good enough to go solo..

5. [+59, -30] What the.. her singing is really bad;;

6. [+55, -23] Is she a singer or what? Or just a backdancer??

7. [+53, -15] Her song has no impact... too boring to show off Chungha's charms

8. [+52, -21] She lacks a lot to go solo... and I'm sure she'll have more female fans than male fans

9. [+40, -25] How can she call herself a singer?

10. [+38, -13] She's like Walmart Hyuna

11. [+37, -1] I thought it was ridiculous they were media playing her as the second BoA... you don't just get to be BoA if you're short and dance well... BoA's a good singer too...

12. [+33, -16] She gave off Taeyeon feels in the MV but now that I see her on stage, she has a huge head and bad proportions

13. [+31, -1] There's nothing special about her, she looks like one of the backdancers... I think they chose a bad concept

14. [+30, -2] Chungha shines more in a group than a solo... her producer messed up. And her concept is all over the place too.



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