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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kim Ui Sung comes to Sulli's defense once again in latest 'Maxim' interview

Article: Kim Ui Sung "Sulli is not doing anything ethically wrong... I don't understand the criticisms"

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+2,529, -306] He's honestly right. Whatever Sulli does on her SNS, whether it's taking her clothes off or whatever, it's all on her to deal with. I don't get why others feel the need to tell her to live this way or that.

2. [+2,017, -158] Well journalists had a lot to do with Sulli getting hate... they could've just left her alone but kept putting her in the media

3. [+1,516, -199] He's not wrong though

4. [+1,321, -169] She's posting on her own space, people don't have to look at her pictures if they don't want to. It's nothing that others should feel the need to comment on.

5. [+1,646, -310] It's wrong for people to tell her to live this way or that but you can't deny that Sulli's an attention wh*re too

6. [+344, -38] But Kim Ui Sung doesn't have that positive of an SNS history either

7. [+331, -38] I guess two attention wh*res are attracted to each other like him and Sulli

8. [+387, -57] She's just an attention wh*re. Fried rice in the shape of a penis, letting her nipples poke through, lolita concepts... Stop defending her.

9. [+277, -20] Of course none of us deserve to tell her to do anything but her lolita concepts need to stop

10. [+259, -31] I wonder if he'd be so understanding if it was his own daughter acting this way...

11. [+194, -11] I find this ajusshi weirder than Sulli

12. [+194, -15] Sulli's only getting this much shielding because she's cute ㅋㅋㅋ if it was anyone else or a non-celebrity, they'd be branded as a psycho attention wh*re

13. [+177, -22] Yes, she's free to post what she wants so it should not be a problem with the rest of us. However, when you consider everything she did when she was in f(x), it's hard to view her in a positive light.

14. [+113, -14] What do you mean you don't understand the criticisms? ㅎㅎ She's a celebrity, she should expect the reactions to her actions, no? We shouldn't be expected to support every celebrity. Obviously people are making the judgments for themselves that what she's doing isn't right and we have the right to make that judgment if we want to as well.

15. [+86, -5] Lolita is an ethical issue... she deserves the criticisms for that alone. I don't care what she wears or what weird things she takes pictures of but the pictures with lolita elements are indeed problematic.



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