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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kim Jong Guk gets flak for his statement on tall women?

Article: Kim Jong Guk's 'tall women' statement... netizens argue back and forth

Source: Sports World via Nate

When Hyorin called herself short, Kim Jong Guk said, "Men don't like tall women. I personally don't view tall women as women. I prefer smaller styles." Some netizens took offense to the statement asking why the standard size for women should be small and that it's a discriminatory statement.


1. [+1,279, -58] He can't even state his personal preference anymore?

2. [+1,130, -58] People getting mad over a personal preference ㅋㅋ you have to be messed up in the head to take offense to that

3. [+967, -45] It's not like he said tall women aren't women, he just said that they're not his personal type so he doesn't view them as women. What's there to argue?

4. [+36, -5] Anyone takes offense to this should get their heads checked out

5. [+31, -9] Then what about all the female celebrities who list tall men as their ideal type? Why wasn't that controversial, you feminazis ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+28, -6] What is so controversial about this? F*ck, people need to knock it off. I'm a woman myself and stuff like this makes me hate women.

7. [+22, -3] ㅡㅡ What's wrong about this????????????

8. [+22, -12] There's nothing wrong with him personally not being into tall women but I can see why him saying that men hate tall women is a controversial statement

9. [+17, -5] I'm a woman who's 173 cm tall and I don't care that he said this. I like tall men too... what's so wrong about what he said? Don't women care about men's height too?

10. [+14, -4] It's a personal preference...



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