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Monday, March 13, 2017

YG to debut a new boy group with Bang Yedam by July

Article: [Exclusive] 'K-Pop Star 2' Bang Yedam to debut with YG's youngest boy group ever

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,203, -203] Yang CEO, you should be more concerned with your two painful failures iKON and Winner

2. [+2,491, -64] Take care of Winner and iKON first..

3. [+2,108, -71] Wow, Winner and iKON haven't even made it yet, are you crazy Yang CEO?

4. [+1,665, -60] Basically YG's version of NCT Dream

5. [+761, -63] He's all grown up now, fighting

6. [+225, -7] I'll support them because it's Yedam but... Yang CEO, what about Winner and iKON??....

7. [+201, -7] I wonder what Yang CEO is thinking?? He put out Winner and iKON and left them on the backburner and now he's going to debut a new boy group?? Worry about the groups you have now... iKON hasn't promoted since 2015 and Winner was promised a four part album that has yet to be finalized. This is why I hate YG ㅡㅡ what new group are they even talking about..

8. [+193, -9] Huh? A new debut?... Worry about the people you have now

9. [+170, -7] What the, I thought GD and Winner were having comebacks this year... will they be postponed if there's a new boy group debut?

10. [+139, -3] Winner in 2014, iKON in 2015, Black Pink in 2017, I guess it's their new boy group in a year



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