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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stars celebrate 3.1 Day on SNS

Article: Stars are pretending to celebrate Samiljeol/Independence Movement Day for attention? Stars continue to show through actions

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+6,415, -209] I remember a few Hallyu stars avoiding the casting for the drama 'Bridal Mask' to maintain relations with Japan... GD works in Japan too but despite it all still put up a picture to celebrate

2. [+4,692, -88] Better than not posting about it at all

3. [+4,084, -120] No one is accusing these stars of celebrating Samiljeol for the attention. If it's anyone accusing them of that, it's probably descendants of pro-Japanese groups

4. [+3,270, -161] Thanks to GD, a lot more people around the world will know about Samiljeol now~~~ I'm proud of him!

5. [+509, -28] It's great if someone like GD who has influence all over the world posts about it... You have to be genuine about it to have the guts to post the Taegeukgi even with all of the Japanese fans complaining in the comments.

6. [+501, -29] Big Bang is so popular in Japan and yet GD doesn't care and always puts up the Taegeukgi for every national event

7. [+478, -31] GD's amazing for putting up the Taegeukgi on every national holiday on his Instagram with as many followers as he does. He's Korea's pride.

8. [+410, -26] What GD did was a hard decision considering how many Japanese followers he has



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