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Sunday, March 12, 2017

[Instiz] Fans accuse Leeteuk of abusing NCT

Insitz: Compilation of Leeteuk sexually harassing NCT, putting them down, and calling them the wrong names

1. Sexually harassing Doyoung

Leeteuk was talking about how a female guest's habit was touching the other member's butts and he said he would give an example and made fellow MC Doyoung get up and groped his butt.

Despite Doyoung saying "I don't want to", he told him to "stay still" and basically sexually harassed him.


2. Called Johnny 'dumb' when Johnny's American

- Johnny had gotten a quiz right and Leeteuk said "Huh? You're actually smart. I thought you were dumb."
- Johnny had won an arm wrestling competition to which Leeteuk said, "You won the arm wrestle right? Congratulations~ You're so dumb, all you have is physical strength."
- Told Johnny to read out loud 'Tree and Shikhye'... Tree and Shikhye in Korean is 'Namoo Shikhye' and if it's said out loud really fast, it sounds like you're saying "I'm dumb"...


3. In the second episode of NCT Life, Leeteuk kept mixing up their names when there were a total of four NCT memers present. He had already memorized Jeno and Jisung's names from a previous show but not Renjun or Chenle. Despite the members showing discomfort at him constantly getting their names wrong, he refused to stop and try to get them right and continued to call them by the wrong names despite being in an MC position where its his job.


"He's the one who's dumb, why is he being so harsh.. how can he talk so harshly to another singer like that?"

"There was also one time when Chenle was eating chicken and Leeteuk was like, 'That is not the noise a human makes when eating chicken'..."
- Hul...
- I was really hurt when he said that...
- That's really harsh, aren't all of NCT really young? They must've been hurt..
- Yeah, I doubted my ears when I heard him say "Oh that's the noise of a human eating?"

"He must think it's funny to put others down like this when it's not funny at all"

"Well that tanks his image"

"If I were a foreigner and someone told me to say that 'namoo shikhye' line, I'd be really hurt"

"Not even an NCT fan and this hurts me"

"Leeteuk has had a few controversies like this in the past without feedback..."

"Why does he keep calling him dumb? I'd be really pissed off"

"Calling him dumb is rude and sexually harassing him is overstepping boundaries."

"Isn't he an MC famous for being considerate of his guests?? I guess I was wrong ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"I hate it when people tease foreigners over their Korean language skills..."



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