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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dara talks about her experience transitioning from 2NE1 into her big screen debut

Article: "I reflected" Can Sandara Park transition from 2NE1 to acting with 'One Step'?

Source: TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,882, -109] She honestly looks awkward even on variety shows... ㅠ I know she's super nice but she seems very introverted and has little talent aside from her pretty face

2. [+1,393, -40] She's going to be hated to shreds if her acting ends up being bad so she better buckle up and work super hard and even harder than that. Public viewers are colder than your fans.

3. [+1,148, -33] She has the face of an actress but her voice is so nasally. It's cute on its own but she's going to have to fix that if she wants to get into acting.

4. [+792, -73] I wish her the best... she's so nice and I know she's going to feel hurt but she needs to buckle up and work hard to show good acting!!

5. [+728, -91] I honestly don't think acting's for her

6. [+202, -12] I feel like she was just born with an awkward speech tone ㅠㅠ.. am I the only one who feels it? She sounds really awkward whenever she talks. I hope she gets over it and does well.

7. [+161, -11] She needs to fix her childish speech tone

8. [+135, -4] Her speech is her main problem. She talks like a little kid, and it's kind of awkward... which makes her sound awkward on varieties and prevents her acting from improving. She should focus on trying to change her speech.

9. [+150, -14] She just lucked out with her agency, let's be honest;;

10. [+120, -7] Speaking objectively, she's pretty but not talented. I feel bad for the actresses who are more talented than her.



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