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Thursday, February 9, 2017

TEEN TOP's L. Joe requests contract termination

Article: [Exclusive] TEEN TOP's L. Joe requests termination of contract to TOP Media

Source: Sports World via Naver

1. [+2,018, -42] TEEN TOP's agency really didn't do their jobs though. Instead of sending them overseas when they got popular off of 'Miss Right', they should've stayed and promoted in Korea. After a year of being sent overseas, fans got tired... And of course, the agency was more prioritized on promoting Niel than any of the other members. TEEN TOP fighting! Hope they can all leave TOP Media...

2. [+1,369, -29] Looks like this group is on the verge of disbandment too

3. [+1,020, -16] Hul??? Then I guess the stuff on Instagram and everything.. was right ㅠㅠㅠ their agency is so cruel

4. [+857, -15] I noticed he changed his Instagram ID and all... and this is how it ends...

5. [+687, -16] Sigh, TOP Media...

6. [+177, -5] So mean... the minute he says he does't want to renew, look at them trying to block him from leaving ㅡㅡ

7. [+156, -7] TOP Media tried to link up 100% to TEEN TOP's shows but it didn't work out so they sent the leader to the army and launched a new boy group. Their agency is so bad at supporting their groups until the end.

8. [+154, -8] Their agency has been pretty famous for not doing their jobs

9. [+137, -5] He spent years working for them, it's about time that he goes and does something more fit for himself


Article: TEEN TOP reps, "The other members want to promote together with L. Joe"

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+495, -13] Why would any of them want to renew when their agency is acting like this? If they had improved at all, I'm sure they would've wanted to renew but they didn't give them any support even though some of the members like L. Joe wanted to do individual activities too.

2. [+383, -6] Of course the members want to stay together. It's the agency that's the problem. Why would they want to stay with TOP Media while getting that kind of treatment.

3. [+335, -8] He already feels betrayed by the company for blocking his individual activities. How can the agency expect him to just promote with the group like nothing's wrong?? He's not obligated to put up with this.

4. [+257, -8] I'm sure L. Joe wants tos tay with the members too!! It's TOP Media that's the problem!!!!

5. [+238, -15] I wish all six of them would leave together... It was so obvious that TOP Media favored Niel for solo promos. I just want to see all six of TEEN TOP together ㅠㅠ



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