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Friday, February 17, 2017

Lee Byung Hun talks about his experience working with a puppy for the first time in a while

Article: Lee Byung Hun, "It was difficult filming with a cheap dog"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Daum

"It was my first time acting with a dog since a drama I did in my rookie days, and it was honestly hard. They said the dog was well trained so I looked forward to it. I told him to sit, get up, go over there, but he didn't move. Then I figured he was trained in English so I tried in English but he still didn't listen. Then he had to take a break every 50 minutes. I later asked about the dog and realized he wasn't an expensive dog. It was a lot of work but came out looking great on screen so I was grateful for that."


1. [+610, -27] Cheap dog?? I'm pretty sure the dog had a hard time working with you too

2. [+647, -79] That dog must've been embarrassed having to work with someone who's less than a dog

3. [+367, -29] Then what does that make you? An expensive dog?

4. [+187, -8] Dogs can read people too you know

5. [+147, -3] He could've just said the dog wasn't highly trained... or not trained in acting

6. [+59, -1] Why should the dog have to cater to his schedule? Does he not care about the dog's stress at all? Imagine if you were forced to work with people you didn't know how to communicate with for days on end, wouldn't you be stressed out?? And does the dog being more or less expensive change his worth to you? A trash remains trash... he's always so consistent.

7. [+57, -1] He should be grateful the dog is even working on set with him... tsk tsk

8. [+45, -0] How can he judge a dog's worth by how much the dog is paid to work with him?

9. [+43, -1] That must mean he thinks that he can treat co-stars who are paid less than him worse too

10. [+27, -0] The way he talks really bothers me... Does it really bother him that much that a dog who doesn't even understand him has to take breaks every 40 minutes? Does he think he's an 'expensive person' and should thus be allowed to cheat on his wife?

11. [+11, -0] That's a bad habit of judging people. I'm sure he didn't mean harm by what he said but the dog is a life too, you can't judge it by how much he's worth. The dog was either trained or untrained, how much he cost has nothing to do with his worth as a life.



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