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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Girl group Wassup requests to terminate contracts over pay conflicts

Article: [Exclusive] Wassup Nada, Jinjoo, Dain requests termination of contracts... conflict worsens

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+5,518, -45] I think groups need to be more realistic now and be faster with disbanding if they don't think they can turn a profit. It's a waste of the best years of their lives and a waste of the company's money. Groups like EXID are rare cases like winning the lottery.

2. [+3,270, -96] I honestly never remember seeing a group like Wassup on TV, which means their company either really did nothing for them or they really couldn't do anything for them. It's right that they'd want to leave though.

3. [+2,857, -57] Still need to listen to both sides

4. [+2,424, -94] I briefly kept up with them on 'Unpretty' but I have on idea what's going on after

5. [+2,062, -41] There must be a lot of celebrities who can't live normal lives because they're bound to their contracts, which is probably why most of them end up doing part-time jobs or clubbing events. Agencies have an excuse to not provide them with anything if their album releases put them in the negatives. It's a difficult situation all around.

6. [+299, -22] She did so well on 'Unpretty', can't believe she hasn't been paid yet....

7. [+203, -10] Have to determine whether it's Nada getting greedy or the company exploiting her...

8. [+200, -15] But honestly, what money has Wassup made since their debut??? They have to pay back the expenses incurred during their training period and they probably racked up more expenses for their debut before turning a profit... Their debut wasn't that successful while sitting on all that debt so it makes sense in that way. You would think, however, that they'd have paid off the debt last year with what they made on 'Unpretty' and start to turn a profit this year??

9. [+212, -27] The group has never made any money, how can they expect to get paid? Even Seolhyun wasn't paid for the 5 years she was working and only started getting paid last year.. EXID only got paid after they blew up again with 'Up & Down' and 'Ah Yeah' was released

10. [+236, -39] I feel like Nada has it all wrong. See groups like Fiestar who have daebak members like Yezi and variety stars like Cao Lu talking about how they haven't gotten paid yet, what makes Nada think she deserves to get paid? Off of what money? She wasn't that wildly successful on 'Unpretty'... or does she have a misconception of her popularity to be much more than what she's getting paid for?


Article: [Exclusive[ Nada reps, "Mafia is releasing false claims, I have not received any money since debut"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+844, -52] I understand not paying trainees since they're just trainees but once you debut, you are an official employee and should be paid. Anything other than that is pretty much interning for free

2. [+805, -31] Wassup members claimed "The agency never wholly provided us with a dorm or money for food" <---- that's a big problem

3. [+633, -70] They're not a big agency so I reckon it'll be tough to get paid from them... Wassup had such a long period of being no names and the majority still don't know who they are still

4. [+46, -1] I heard just getting your name out there through shows like 'SMTM' and 'Unpretty' make you a #1 invited guest to so many events... I feel like she could've paid off all her debt and still have money left to be paid

5. [+42, -6] But isn't this the case with most idols? Honestly speaking, Nada didn't promote a ton as to where people would've expected her to have made a lot of money. She was on an 'Unpretty' season that was considered a flop and the only CF she has is a group one with several other top cast members. She seemed upset when she was a guest on 'Golden Tambourine' and people didn't recognize her... I have a feeling she thinks of her status as way higher than she actually is.

6. [+24, -0] I think it's important to note that trainee expenses aren't a fixed amount so if they only required say $100 a day, the agency could easily inflate that to $500 and throw in stuff that they never even took lessons for like vocal lessons or dance lessons just to blow up the debt for when they debut ㅋㅋ I bet most agencies operate like this other than the big ones. They're all thieves.

7. [+23, -2] I don't get why people keep saying that the group doesn't deserve to get paid just because they debuted and didn't do well. They're not pub girls, they're not prostitutes. Even if they have debt to pay off, they can still get paid and allocate a percentage of their pay to that debt. It's practically slavery to expect them to work without getting paid until all their debt is paid off. I realize just how sick our country's perception of labor is when I read these comments sometimes.

8. [+15, -0] The problem with our entertainment agencies is that in a normal company, when they put out a product, they're responsible for the risks and expenses incurred for that product, but with entertainment agencies, they dump all that responsibility onto the product itself. It's the root of all problems that arise with these contracts. Companies claim they made investments in their stars but what they're actually doing is dumping the responsibility of their expenses on the star, which isn't fair at all. And for some strange reason, Koreans just put up with it.

9. [+12, -3] Basically Nada signed the contract knowing that it was a slave contract but realized after debuting that she's being treated even less than a slave so she's just taking it to court

10. [+9, -2] Feels a bit of an overreaction from her since even Seolhyun only recently started getting paid too



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