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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fans upset at Kyuhyun's manager for leaving him behind in hotel fire

Article: Fire breaks out at Kyuhyun's hotel in Taiwan... fans complain "Staff were ill prepared in handling it"

Source: SBS via Naver

1. [+2,122, -33] Kyuhyun concluded the issue well... I hope he takes care of himself, he's already suffered an accident in the past

2. [+1,924, -86] Fans were up in arms in the early morning over this. I can't believe the staff just left the celebrity behind when the fire broke out to run out on their own. Kyuhyun was crying while singing at the concert yesterday..

3. [+1,142, -30] Hul.. I'm so glad he's not hurt ㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+834, -21] Glad that no one got severely injured ㅠ

5. [+457, -8] What Kyuhyun clarified on Twitter is different from what he said at the concert. At the concert, he said that no one warned him to run outside so he was sleeping when the fire broke out and woke up to a ton of smoke. He couldn't get downstairs so he stayed in his room. At the time, his manager and staff were already safe at a nearby starbucks and just watching the fire burn. Once fans realized that and started complaining, the staff started lying saying they were with him in the hall or that they had already messaged him to leave, which is what made this whole thing controversial.

6. [+410, -7] SM, please fire the manager Park Yong Suk. Fans have held back for long enough. Now that our favorite artist's life is in danger, I refuse to sit back and watch him fail at his job.

7. [+357, -3] The issue isn't only that Kyuhyun was left behind, it was that the manager and staff ran away on their own and then started acting like attention wh*res about it on Instagram once that was brought to attention ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+352, -8] Kyuhyun still has the heart to defend his staff after what they did to him... As Kyuhyun's fan, any accident he gets into is so traumatic already... Even if he's safe now, his staff were on SNS joking about the ordeal. SM, please fire the manager. He clearly has moral issues.


Source: Nate

1. [+139, -10] Kyuhyun did nothing wrong, his manager's the idiot

2. [+114, -4] Kyuhyun's a saint for putting up with this. His staff and manager left him behind and ran away from the fire by themselves. If Kyuhyun never smelled the smoke and never woke up, he could've died. Sure, I understand the staff being scared and running away but they were later on Instagram hashtagging stuff like #NCT #Firetruck like attention wh*res instead of protecting their own artist.

3. [+25, -2] Kyuhyun's only defending his staff because he doesn't want the controversy to get out of hand... He said at the concert that he woke up to the smoke and that he couldn't even hit his high notes right now... And how could his staff be irresponsible enough to not book him a new hotel? Instead, they made him go back to the hotel full of smoke when he has a concert performance the next day.

4. [+24, -2] If only the manager didn't act like an attention wh*re on SNS. The manager and the staff made the issue more controversial than it already is. Fans are already so upset because Kyuhyun has suffered two car accidents already in 2007 and 2011 and to find out that he's still not being protected and taken care of... and furthermore, being made to apologize for the actions of his staff is so very upsetting.

5. [+19, -1] The manager made the issue worse on Instagram and then deleted his account once fans demanded an explanation ㅋㅋ he's hopeless

6. [+8, -0] How many times has Kyuhyun saved himself from death...



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