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Monday, January 23, 2017

JYP and photographer go through with lawsuits regarding Suzy's pictorial

Article: 'Lolita controversy' Florist that Suzy took pictures at makes a post

Source: Joongang Ilbo via Nate

1. [+1,349, -415] I still don't understand why people are dragging back a pictorial that is two years old with over 350 pages where only a few were picked out to be problematic. Seems like a specific fandom is targeting Suzy because she's doing so well right now.

2. [+1,061,- 364] Yup, just sue all of the perverted b*tches who thought weird things about the angle of the faucet, bye~

3. [+972, -314] Haters who don't understand clarifications just need to be sued

4. [+113, -54] All of you feminazis are being sued now ㅋㅋ I bet they're going back to delete all of their posts and comments ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+97, -24] It doesn't matter what anyone says because they'll just believe what they want to believe until they see Suzy fail the way they want her to. Just sue them, and don't go easy on them either.

6. [+89, -23] I wonder which one of the fandoms that Suzy demolished when she made her solo debut are the most pissed right now. There's Seohyun who got utterly owned with her own solo debut against Suzy. Basically Sone cockroaches are the ones behind this.

7. [+77, -22] Suzy has donated to children's charities and orphanages all her career and you dare accuse her of being lolita? Ridiculous ㅋㅋ Don't go easy on them, sue them hard. Suzy fighting.

8. [+76, -14] All you feminazi trash~ why are you so quiet about BTS's shota concept? Are you all basically proving that women truly are a woman's worst enemy?

9. [+68, -16] It's not Suzy's pictorial that I find disgusting but the thought process of her haters who imagine a man's penis on a picture of a faucet and a sexual relationship between a father and his daughter in the picture of her with neckties in her hair

10. [+59, -13] I've honestly never seen a normal feminist tsk tsk


Article: "We will not be going easy" Suzy's pictorial photographer submits lawsuits

Source: YTN via Nate

1. [+1,651, -695] I remember reading the Nate Pann post that started it all.. they saw this picture and claimed it was a sexual 'doggy style' position... I got goosebumps. Please don't ever go easy on them.

2. [+1,294, -598] The thing about the netizens who claim this pictorial is problematic are forcing this lolita claim while refusing to listen to any other view point and attacking anyone who doesn't see it the way they do.

3. [+1,279, -639] I support this lawsuit. You have to take haters into legal matters so they don't do it again! Photographer fighting

4. [+286, -128] So if you call anything "art" then the public is forced to accept it no matter what? What kind of communist mindset is that? I understand suing people who personally attacked Suzy but suing others for submitting a different opinion doesn't sound right

5. [+286, -144] Wearing red lip stick with bedroom eyes while posing in a setting that looks out of a red-light district will make anyone think you look like a prostitute. Suzy's pictorial looks straight out of a barber shop brothel. I understand people who see lolita elements with the fairy tale books, her hair styled like a child's and such...

6. [+252, -82] We'll never know for sure what the photographer's intentions were but the pictures with her laying down while holding a fairy tale book, the fact that the setting is in a barber shop, all the short clothing and weird poses; You do realize that foreign countries will ban photos where an adult model is wearing a short skirt with double pig tails? It's upsetting that Koreans don't seem to realize the gravity of such images

7. [+220, -71] There's never controversy without smoke. It's not only up to the photographer herself to decide whether lolita was her intention or not because the public has eyes too. This is not an attempt at sabotaging Suzy. Hating her is wrong but criticizing her should not be taken as sabotage. Telling the public that lolita concepts like this should be seen as okay just makes sexual crime against the youth more rampant and laws and punishment against it weaker. People in the arts need to consider these things before defending what they do as art.

8. [+218, -58] Threatening to sue just because the public sees her art as different from what she intended... Art itself is born out of the third eye. That photographer is quite cocky.

9. [+184, -76] I understand JYP taking legal action since people who are needlessly attacking Suzy and hating her are deserving of the lawsuit.. but the photographer suing people just because people are viewing her work as different from what she intended??? Isn't that our freedom to do so???? Even if the meaning of her work is being distorted, if the majority of the public views her work in the distorted version, isn't it her responsibility to look back at her own work? I personally don't see lolita elements in her pictorial but seeing her up in arms about suing people like this just makes me uncomfortable about the photographer in general.

10. [+170, -60] "Art" my a$$... A woman working at a barber shop has always had a prostitute-like image in our country. They need to explain what the concept exactly was because it seems like JYP, Suzy, Suzy's fans, and the photographer don't understand what we're seeing


Source: Naver

1. [+3,458, -325] The photographer and Suzy never said that they were suing people who offered other opinions on the work. They're suing the people who are personally attacking her and spreading the pictorial illegally.

2. [+2,914, -487] All you haters leaving comments thinking "no way I'd get caught", that no way will get you caught

3. [+3,051, -665] Make them cry... I've cringed on more than one occasion while reading some hate comments

4. [+2,343, -440] Haters don't even know that they're haters. I hope they get what's coming to them.

5. [+2,221, -508] Please go hard with this opportunity

6. [+562, -132] Nate Pann is screwed ㅋㅋ

7. [+415, -104] It's not only Suzy but all the haters who leave comments against female idols, they need to be sued

8. [+599, -166] I'll be disappointed in JYP if they go easy on them again


Source: Daum

1. [+2,073, -699] And what are they suing over when they're the ones who took pictures that brought about misunderstandings?

2. [+1,751, -613] The majority are probably feminazis! Don't go easy on them!

3. [+986, -228] Let me ask JYP one thing... what is the difference between a hater and someone speaking their opinion????

4. [+998, -254] I saw the pictures... and honestly, IU doesn't hold a flame to them

5. [+816, -139] So who exactly are they saying? Even the people who think the pictures look like lolita or brothel concepts?

6. [+849, -206] Are they serious with the lawsuit? They're the ones that took weird pictures and they're dumping it on us? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+730, -183] We live in a world where even the president isn't spared from criticism if she commits a mistake. You can't seriously be dumb enough to think a lawsuit will make everything go away. What makes you any different from the president creating blacklists with anyone who disagrees with her? Is it because Suzy is JYP's princess?

8. [+581, -124] Enough with the lawsuit, how about you work on coming up with better pictorial ideas in clean locations so that you don't cause these misunderstandings again

9. [+489, -79] Why is it a crime to say what I feel about a picture I saw?? I seriously don't understand why she even took a picture dressed like that at an old barber shop knowing what the implications of that were?? I don't even have a right to express how I feel about that??? If you don't want to hear opposing opinions, then keep those pictures to yourself...



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