Sulli uses her face as a canvas in a bout of artistic inspiration

Article: Sulli scribbles on her face with pink lipstick

Source: Sports Korea via Nate

1. [+2,257, -99] At this point, she's mentally sick

2. [+2,181, -96] Does she not have family? She has nobody to stop her or get her some help? But then again, they're probably living off of the money she's making them so I guess they can't say much to her

3. [+1,856, -79] Can someone please get her a mental health check up...

4. [+140, -1] Isn't this a common scene in lolita movies? Where a little girl tries to copy her mother's make up by using her lipstick?

5. [+140, -9] Choiza must honestly be terrified now... Sure dating a woman like this is possible but can you ever imagine marrying her? I could never marry someone like her no matter how young or pretty she is. Even dating is difficult already with how obsessive and weird she is. I know this is wrong to say but from a male perspective, she's nothing more than a toy to use at night... Sulli, please wake up.

6. [+133, -5] I feel like Choiza can do better now

7. [+128, -2] She 100% enjoys the hate she gets

8. [+122, -1] Mommy she's scary... ㅠㅠ

9. [+100, -3] She needs to latch on to her boyfriend because there's nothing left for her if he doesn't marry her

10. [+95, -5] At least for Choiza's sake, please stop...

11. [+94, -3] Disgusting

12. [+76, -2] She seems to get worse and worse by the day and it makes me anxious to see that no one around her is putting a stop to any of it. She needs to go to the hospital, she's seriously getting worse;;

13. [+66, -1] No matter how bored I get, I never end up drawing on my own face like this. I can never understand her.

14. [+58, -4] Hul, I always used to shield Sulli and call her pretty and all but now she just looks like a mental patient

15. [+54, -3] A true attention wh*re... this is way too much