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Saturday, December 24, 2016

'Slam Dunk' PD clarifies why Tiffany attended the 'KBS Entertainment Awards'

Article: 'Slam Dunk' PD, "Tiffany attended 'Entertainment Awards' by suggestion of Unnies"

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+1,361, -152] Don't kid us... we know you didn't invite her for her sake but because you needed her..

2. [+1,088, -170] Tiffany uploaded it as a mistake and deleted it right away and even released a handwritten apology and yet she's still getting hated to death. Why is it that no one mentions Snapchat's fault for even spreading that emoticon around in the first place? Shouldn't we be boycotting Snapchat?

3. [+777, -122] Before you hate on Tiffany, isn't the right thing to do to hate on Snapchat? And I'm pretty sure SNSD fans were the cause of Snapchat even deleting that emoticon too.

4. [+712, -107] I recognize that Tiffany made a big mistake, I agree a thousand times over, but I don't get why nobody is boycotting Snapchat or V app for having those emoticons in the first place

5. [+727, -182] I blame Snapchat for servicing a problematic filter, the producers of the show for throwing Tiffany out in case her scandal affected them negatively, SM for not righting the wrong information that was going around, and haters for leaving hateful comments without knowing the facts. To think that Tiffany has had to deal with all of this hate on her own... what in the world..

6. [+173, -24] There's a male idol who took a picture of a Japanese imperial flag themed album on Instagram, does anyone know about that?

7. [+211, -42] Feels like it's always only the female celebrities that are hated on... we have murderers on variety shows and pro-Japanese alignments in our government and yet they aren't ever targeted. What's the point of hating on powerless female idols...

8. [+227, -50] Stop the witch hunt against her. It's ridiculous that Tiffany is being put on the same level as other celebrities who have committed actual crimes. You're really going to kill her at this rate, tsk.

9. [+146, -24] Why is there never any mention about Big Bang's scandals? Drunk driving, drugs, prostitution, throwing out cigarette buts, disturbing trains, imperial flags, etc etc. They're worse than Tiffany, no?

10. [+178, -36] Male celebrities who've committed drunk driving, assault, gambling, prostitution, etc are fine on TV, it's always only the female celebrities that are dragged to death.



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