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Friday, December 2, 2016

Park Min Young shows off flawless skin at the airport

Article: Park Min Young's skin shines

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

1. [+531, -11] Did she gain weight or inject shots?

2. [+447, -15] Eh? Something looks weird

3. [+417, -15] She looks like Jo Eun Sook ajumma

4. [+35, -1] Get famous for plastic surgery, get ruined over plastic surgery ㅋ

5. [+32, -4] People always ask why celebrities ruin their pretty faces with more plastic surgery but it's not greed. They obviously know when to stop, and Park Min Young practically won a lottery with how well her work turned out but all of that work eventually starts to fall apart and you need to get more work done just for maintenance. Maintenance work blows up your face like that and that's how you end up a plastic monster in the end.

6. [+28, -2] Looks like she gained weight and got more shots

7. [+24, -2] When did she age so hard?? She looks like a single ajumma ㅠ

8. [+22, -2] Her face is slowly falling apart... it's one of the downfalls of contour surgery. The bone structure they added begins to break down and then your face starts to crumble down.

9. [+20, -1] Proves that you can only do so much with plastic surgery

10. [+20, -3] What a puffy face

11. [+19, -3] She looks the same to me... doesn't look like she got more work done, just started showing her age more

12. [+16, -1] Wow, so different from the selcas she uploads;;;;

13. [+15, -2] I think I now know what she'll look like when she becomes an ajumma



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