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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fans request better management for A Pink amidst changing girl group trends

Article: 6 years in, A Pink still shows power "no girl group generation change here"

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+2,870, -275] A Pink's fandom and popularity are not bad but they fell behind compared to WG, Soshi, and 2NE1 in the past and are currently lacking in group power compared to groups like Twice

2. [+1,966, -87] It's fine that agencies are looking to make money and all but they need to start focusing on managing fandoms and upping the quality of songs... feels like things are at a standstill

3. [+1,406, -114] In the past, WG.. Soshi, and 2NE1 were a wall.. and it was also the time when the girl group market first began so A Pink could ride off of that and it's hard to make any real comparisons but I hope that A Pink is able to come up with an impact of their own... they are the start of the innocent concept for girl groups after all

4. [+1,001, -55] They were overseas all year long and only promoted their comeback for three weeks before going back overseas for the year-end... what did they do all year? Of course their fans are leaving, and it's all their agency's fault

5. [+1,009, -181] A Pink is the shiniest star to us fans ㅠ thank you for coming out with good songs, come out with more next year ㅠ keep singing for us!

6. [+174, -10] Panda here, I wish their agency would pay more attention to them. It's hard to get to the top but it only takes a moment to fall back down.

7. [+218, -39] One of the fastest things in Korea is the pace at which girl groups get changed out. Look at the current girl groups and see if they're still the trends in 2018.

8. [+130, -10] I've been their fan since debut and they're just under the wrong agency. They're always being sent to promote overseas and Korean fan opinions are always ignored. They're only starting to listen just now which is why we got a new album after three months. There's a reason why their CEO gets so much hate;

9. [+51, -2] A Pink, release more singles. You can still get back up.

10. [+58, -7] Honestly, they need to change up their song styles... but their agency is so bad at managing their Korean schedules. It seems they got a fire lit under their butts because A Pink didn't win #1 their last promo that they finally put out another special album. Older fans will know that their CEO has never cared about fans at all.

11. [+54, -7] Girl group trends really do seem to change super fast ㅠㅠㅠㅠ it kind of makes me sad. Back in my day, A Pink was the jjang.. and Girl's Day too. It's amazing A Pink has even made it this far for how poorly their agency does their job.

12. [+37, -2] They hit peak with 'LUV' and then... their agency put them on the backburner. You need a lot more management than that for longevity.



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