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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Big Bang reveals they would've enlisted together if not for contract renewals

Article: G-Dragon, "Big Bang was going to enlist at the same time if we didn't renew with YG"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+1,182, -147] I'm a male myself and it makes sense to me that they'd delay their enlistment when they're at the hottest points in their careers. If they didn't enlist at all, it'd only be a problem then, no?

2. [+781, -68] Can't they all just serve together...?

3. [+701, -154] They're probably going to delay it for as much as they can

4. [+44, -7] It'd be so nice to see the five of them enlist all at once and discharge together

5. [+41, -12] ㅋㅋ I don't think there's ever been another male group where everyone wanted them to enlist at the same time ㅋㅋ Big Bang as a group is just too amazing to have split apart

6. [+36, -3] It's legal as long as you serve before you turn 35. The only reason men serve as young as 20, 21 is because it makes the most sense for the average man in his life... between college but before they join the work force. As long as they delay within legal grounds, there's nothing wrong with wanting to finish what you're working on before going to serve. Not sure why it's even a problem?

7. [+34, -4] Too late for the five of them to serve together this year... I hope that when GD and Taeyang enlist next year, Daesung and Seungri join together too

8. [+27, -6] But Big Bang has always only released an album once every 1-2 years and they've always had solo activities so I don't think we'd notice that big of a difference if they split their enlistments up. No one's going to forget about Big Bang~!!!!

9. [+24, -3] Not like they're evading service like Yoo Seung Jun, they're just trying to milk their careers for all they're worth before serving, what's wrong with that? ㅋㅋ

10. [+22, -3] I bet all of you would postpone your service if you could... the hypocrisy here is funny



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