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Monday, November 28, 2016

ZE:A discusses contract renewals with Star Empire

Article: Star Empire reps, "Im Siwan FA? Contract expires in January... discussing possibilities"

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+4,334, -34] Don't stay with Star Empire...

2. [+4,028, -59] ZE:A might as well disband. The members are individually talented enough that I don't view them as idols anyway ㅋㅋ

3. [+3,752, -28] Better for him to leave Star Empire and join an agency that caters to actors

4. [+3,063, -26] He succeeded more as an actor than a singer

5. [+516, -5] Star Empire, please give him a beautiful farewell. You even tried to turn down 'Misaeng' until Im Siwan chose it for himself. Some of the events that Star Empire pulls off seem so hopeless. They're only ever chasing immediate profit right before their eyes and have no system in place to improve their agency or their singers. Their media play is actually pathetic and only bring down the worth of their stars than up. Useless agency all around.

6. [+405, -6] Run, this is your chance...

7. [+359, -3] It's pretty sad to think about since he said so himself that he wanted to be successful as a singer, unfortunate that he's under Star Empire of all agencies though

8. [+350, -6] He's made a position for himself as an actor, I doubt he'd want to go back to being an idol. I hope he makes the best decision for himself. Park Hyungshik too.


Article: Star Empire reps, "We are discussing contract renewals with Im Siwan, Kwanghee, Park Hyungshik, and the rest of ZE:A"

Source: OSEN via Nate

1. [+1,034, -10] Leave that foolish agency and transfer somewhere else

2. [+929, -14] Don't do it.... please... go somewhere else...... please....

3. [+843, -14] Im Siwan and Park Hyungshik are probably being offered contracts from acting agencies, and Kwanghee too with variety agencies

4. [+63, -2] So weird how the team's a flop but the members are individually popular

5. [+57, -1] Im Siwan has so much potential as an actor

6. [+45, -2] If they end up renewing, they're either idiots or were threatened into it

7. [+36, -4] I don't know the other members of ZE:A... just disband and let them promote separately

8. [+32, -2] Kwanghee's made it obvious for a long time that he's wanted to join a bigger agency



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