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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Um Tae Woong on vacation with wife and daughter

Article: [Exclusive] Um Tae Woong vacationing in Bali with wife and daughter

Source: Sports Donga via Nate

1. [+729, -45] Sigh, I know that it's between them as a couple and totally up to her if she wants to forgive him but he's a public figure, how does he expect to show his face in public anymore? And how will Jion live with this constantly attached to her name... Um Tae Woong-ssi, not everyone deserves to be the head of the household... but I do hope that you reflect and live the best life you can for your wife and daughter

2. [+631, -29] This is why you never trust the masks people wear on TV... I never thought Um Tae Woond would be the type of person;;;

3. [+533, -55] If the media really cares for their happiness, it's best to just leave them alone. Um Tae Woong deserves all the hate he's getting but how must the wife feel knowing that all of this is getting exposed to the media? The media needs to leave them alone

4. [+45, -9] But can they be happy again?

5. [+42, -6] Sigh... why does he bother...

6. [+39, -1] That wife has a strong mentality

7. [+32, -6] This "nation's father" ba$tard who kissed his daughter on national TV after sleeping around with a prostitute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ his wife's just as amazing ㅋㅋㅋ proves that money is everything!

8. [+31, -2] His wife's amazing... I would never be able to live with him again~~~ Not that it's fair to judge another family but I can't deal with prostitution~~~

9. [+25, -1] Gross...

10. [+25, -3] I bet he's still sneaking out of the hotel to sleep around even as his family's asleep



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