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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Jung Chaeyeon talks about the difference between IOI and DIA

Article: Jung Chaeyeon, "The difference between IOI and DIA?"

Source: Star1 via Naver

1. [+1,435, -105] One's a group that you have to carry and the other's a group that carries you?

2. [+1,075, -74] I'm sure she's happier promoting with IOI than DIA

3. [+996, -68] IOI is a lot better in terms of public recognition, visuals, and headlining potential... so sad that they're just a project group

4. [+706, -48] The biggest difference is that IOI is more publicly recognized. Bad part is that they're only going to last a year. DIA, on the other hand, has no public recognition other than Jung Chaeyeon, and maybe Heehyun since she was on 'Produce 101'. The plus side is that they have a seven year contract and who knows what will happen in that time. Pros and cons to each side.

5. [+483, -50] You worked hard this year, thanks for working so hard with IOI

6. [+122, -18] All of IOI is popular so there's no pressure on her whereas DIA's a group that Chaeyeon has to pull all by herself which is double the pressure

7. [+139, -24] Difference is that one group's fine without her having to do anything while she's the sole breadwinner for the other group

8. [+74, -5] So glad that she didn't faint and stayed smiling the entire time she was back to DIA promos despite the tough schedule and pressure she must've been under...



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