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Sunday, November 13, 2016

How genuine is the concept of reflection periods?

Article: Tiffany and MC Mong, a reflection that isn't really a reflection? Controversy over whether they're genuine

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

1. [+2,025, -31] To be honest, Tiffany's the first human being I ever saw upload a picture of the rising sun flag on liberation day... Amazing, truly amazing... For all the years she's been working in Korea, it wasn't even her first time experiencing liberation day. She must really take the public for pigs to have the audacity for something like that. How can we allow someone who put up the rising sun flag on liberation day continue to promote? Huh? Answer me, you stupid fans

2. [+816, -27] Tiffany's apology letter could've been applied to anything, that's how well written it was. You could've had Choi Soon Shil, Park Geun Hye, or anyone caught in a scandal write those exact words and it'd apply to them all. Can't believe her stupid fangirls and fanboys are shielding her over one of the worst apology letters ever written.

3. [+775, -21] They never even reflected in the first place, what reflection are we talking about?

4. [+32, -2] But how can you put someone who did something dumb on the same line as someone who committed something illegal

5. [+29, -7] It's over for Tiffany basically. A rising sun flag on liberation day with 'I love Tokyo' over it? You can't forgive that no matter what. And even her apology and so called reflection... she deserves even more hate than what she's getting. It's over for her.

6. [+28, -4] Reflection???? You mean a lavish vacation time??? And once they get bored and run out of money, they'll crawl back out~~ such an easy life

7. [+26, -5] Can't celebrities who go into reflection just find another job? Even the rest of us don't get second chances when we get fired from our jobs

8. [+24, -11] Honestly unfair to put Tiffany in the same category as MC Mong. MC Mong's crime is way bigger. Tiffany's only crime is being dumb as rocks. MC Mong that monkey actually broke the law and is still releasing songs without shame. I'd spit at his face if I could.

9. [+22, -2] MC Mong is way worse to put him in the same category as Tiffany ㅋ he'[s just trash

10. [+22, -4] They never reflected, what reflection are we talking about;

11. [+20, -3] They reflected? When? ㅎㅎ

12. [+18, -5] People keep arguing that MC Mong and Tiffany shouldn't be lumped together because MC Mong's crime is bigger but think about it... a Korean public figure put up a picture of the rising sun flag on her SNS on our country's liberation day... isn't that something only psychos would do? What MC Mong did affects only himself since he evaded the army because he didn't want to serve whereas Tiffany disgraced our country. A rising sun flag on such a sacred day, you have to be kidding me...

13. [+15, -3] Tiffany, go back to your country... I'm sure Trump will welcome you

14. [+14, -5] I had a lot of Soshi and Taetiseo songs in my mp3 but I deleted all of them. I won't listen to any song with Tiffany's voice in it. Sayonara~



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