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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Celebrities show their support for rally outside Gwanghwamun

Article: From Kim Je Dong to Kim Yoo Jung... their hearts were with the rally at Gwanghwamun

Source: Star News via Naver

1. [+11,108, -599] Park Geun Hye, you are more like a dictator... now stop being stubborn and please resign. We are exhausted too, please come down. You are embarrassing our country to no bounds... how can one person turn our country into such a state? Enough is enough... let's make today the end all. I'm so tired and exhausted...

2. [+8,727, -476] Even a rooster knows when to make his call, it's time for you to resign too

3. [+8,054, -483] How can anyone accuse these celebrities of trying to look smart when nobody even knows the kind of consequences they could be dealt for even speaking their minds?

4. [+7,739, -394] I'm sure all the celebrities wanted to be with everyone too... I just hope this rally ends with no one getting hurt

5. [+817, -54] Please don't hurt the policemen at the rally. They are young men who are there following orders from their country. Please remember they are also the precious son of a family.

6. [+697, -98] Poor celebrities... if they try to give an opinion, people accuse them of being biased but if they stay quiet, people accuse them of being ignorant... what're they supposed to do

7. [+468, -24] Our policemen are the sons of our country too, please don't hurt them

8. [+586, -95] Foreign celebrities give their political opinions all the time and the public respects them for it since it's their freedom to have an opinion. Why is it that our country gets so fussy over celebrities who express their opinions, it's no wonder we haven't made advancements tsk tsk



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