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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Winner's comeback postponed indefinitely due to Nam Taehyun's health issues

Article: [Official Statement] YG, "Winner's comeback posted indefinitely due to Nam Taehyun's issues with psychological health"

Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+659, -199] I've noticed him since his iljin controversy and I think he has problems with living in a group environment. He has a very hot temper and gets angered easily. There's a reason why he has such bad rumors from high school.

2. [+597, -198] Who is he? Wasn't he known as a delinquent in high school? He does look like he has issues. Yelling at his fans, speaking informally to them, there's just something unstable about the way he acts.

3. [+554, -185] The kind of controversies that Nam Taehyun and Song Minho have gotten into would have gotten any other female idol exiled from the industry already. Male idols have life so easy.

4. [+101, -55] Breaks my heart as a Winner fan... Taehyun-ah, get healthy and comeback soon! Don't be sick

5. [+100, -29] Hul, I was looking forward to a Winner album ㅠㅠ get better soon

6. [+94, -30] Hul... I wish him a speedy recovery ㅠㅠ

7. [+89, -19] Take your time getting better, just hope to see you better ㅜㅜ I'll be waiting!

8. [+82, -26] Taehyun-ah, find strength and comeback better than ever!


Source: Naver

1. [+5,336, -383] ???? What "promos" are there for him to take a break from when Winner never had any to begin with?

2. [+3,865, -194] As if YG ever even bothered supporting Winner's new song? What happened to all that EXIT talk?

3. [+3,814, -271] Not like Winner has any promos for him to be attending anyway..

4. [+3,179, -136] No wonder Winner hasn't had a comeback in a while... rest up and comeback soon ㅠㅠ

5. [+2,574, -236] So when did Winner ever have promos again?

6. [+1,081, -46] YG has not realized that times have changed. Winner and iKON both had great starts but holding back on their promos has just ended them in this rut...

7. [+866, -32] Doesn't YG mean Nam Taehyun has already had his promos suspended considering Winner hasn't had any proper promos to begin with since their debut? Sigh. He was already weak mentally but he probably suffered more having to wait on the backburner of his agency waiting for promos that never seemed to come. I doubt it's only Nam Taehyun feeling this way. Please promote the group more, or at least let them do individual things if not as a group. Why did you take in these young kids if you were just going to end up torturing them like this? YG, what is wrong with you?

8. [+750, -43] Can't imagine the stress he must've been under. Dealing with haters, finally debuting after a survival only to be ignored by his own agency... YG, don't you realize you're taking things too far? They debuted at the same time as Red Velvet and Got7 who are already on their 4th or 5th albums but Winner only has 2... this is a joke, right?

9. [+742, -41] If he talked it over with his parents, his issues must be really bad. I guess even bigger agencies are bad when it comes to managing the health of their idols. Issues like this keep coming up.

10. [+567, -17] Why is everyone getting sick lately... not for physical reasons but for mental reasons...



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